02/16/15 11:39PM
Chat/Requests, RP/ERP, hook up thread, meet people here (Do not make a topic on the forum for hookup).
Here is the chat request topic/meet and greet, here you can post about yourself and tell us what you are interested in chatting with people about using the in website mailing system etc.

Please note that all people looking for role play(role play topics are fine), looking for erp, hook up etc will be sent here to find other like minded people, it's high time you had some place to meet up/hookup/introduce yourself/Make some buddies

Anyone posting something off topic will be removed, be nice or begone ;)

02/16/15 11:56PM
I'm a guy in my ealry 20's who's into fitness,running working out,mma etc. I don't get on here that much anymore,but I'm always down to chat,text,facetime,mainly interested in sexy traps,femboys etc. so if anything about me catches your interest shoot me a message!(:
02/17/15 01:31AM
Online as always...still i think this ones going ot attract less attention anyway XD

Male straight
02/26/15 09:27PM
As always here
03/02/15 11:53PM
03/12/15 08:17PM
Still here ^w^
03/17/15 02:47PM
Greatly amused, but not surprised, too have an organized location for sexual encounters.
Used to be whore houses, then they were made illegal, now it's online and dating sites.
I think something went wrong.
At least we know everybody here is some kind of horny. ;)
04/03/15 01:22AM
Im single and would love to do sex chat with a girl on this site if there are any
05/26/15 01:00AM
I just like to sit at the fourms for anything that pops up, i cant wait.
06/21/15 10:30PM
Evening me up if you wish ^w^
07/02/15 02:37PM
It's kind of sad that this thread is so empty. Could have been a lot of fun.
07/12/15 12:49PM
In need...
Hello. I'm a person who's interested in futa's, furries, femboys, and anything in between. If you want to talk, either message me on here or on kik at Shadic_69
07/12/15 02:07PM
Hi there i'm a girl and i'm trying to find someone to have chat sex with me<3 this is
07/13/15 06:47PM
I'm a girl who get excited with dry humps and balloons and chat sex;3
07/21/15 11:04AM
Hello. I'm in need of someone that's horny and likes roleplay. I'm bi, and am interested in meeting some people on here...
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