Date Apr 13, 2019User _abcdRating ExplicitScore 3(vote up)
2019-04-20 08:08:45
>> #331529
i like the man or woman that has the boldness to get me like that since our first time in bed
2019-04-15 09:08:41
>> #330944
that's my kind of girl... well one of them at least
2019-04-20 08:07:05
>> #331528
oh believe me jkf, she will be moaning and swooning and shacking in pleasure and wetting he bed with her woman juices
2019-04-17 15:16:09
>> #331114
Watch 1:12-3:14 in reverse to hear the best backwards lesbian moaning that you've ever heard.
2019-04-17 03:18:12
>> #331040
I would most certainly hope so, Selina.
2019-04-15 06:02:39
>> #330934
your wife will be calling her mommy at the end lol
2019-04-06 23:34:52
>> #330212
Sure did! I'd love to see Brandi get a hold of my wife.
Date Apr 17, 2019User Dragonlord83Rating QuestionableScore 9(vote up)
2019-04-20 06:52:05
>> #331527
2019-04-17 23:54:10
>> #331171
You are one of the most active commenters I have ever seen.
2019-04-17 21:56:19
>> #331157
There is no limit to the amount of men she could satisfy with that huge ass.
2019-04-20 06:26:00
>> #331526
Tails : Hmmm é tão... apertado
Marine : *Gemendo* Eu te disse que meu cuzinho era apertado >///<
Date Jun 13, 2012User DoomisphereRating ExplicitScore 20(vote up)
2019-04-20 06:23:17
>> #331525
Bunnie : Hmmm, que dedada gostosa
2013-12-12 10:04:02
>> #114337
Bunnie is so sexy & I wish to fuck her right now
2019-04-20 05:54:06
>> #331524
Rouge: Ai que delicia Chris
2017-07-14 08:36:07
>> #276286
I know, I wish I could fuck Rouge like that~
2017-07-07 04:39:11
>> #275220
Not complaining, but that is not vaginal. He's enjoying some ass.
2017-07-06 00:20:29
>> #275011
Chris is one lucky s.o.b to be tapping that fine tight ass
2017-06-15 00:03:36
>> #272299
Rouge becomes Chris Thorndyke's slave and she just loves to be horny.
2019-04-20 05:53:03
>> #331523
Amy : Aaaaa, meu cuzinho >////<
2019-04-20 05:01:44
>> #331522
Meg was just standing in the back yard, face held up and eyes closed enjoying the feel of the sun of high summer beating down on her naked body!
Then she could feel someone press up against her from behind, two furry hands reached around and started to fondle her naked breasts, while she was kissed on her neck, and she could feel an erect penis pressed against her bare bottom!!
Ohhhhhh that feels so nice Brian, she said smiling as his hands worked all over her breasts and his kissing got more and more passionate, and she meant it, it was very, very nice, very romantic, but what a pity he has to stand on a wooden box to do it, she secretly thought!!!
2019-03-25 07:18:49
>> #329650
Brian had never met identical twins before, after the usual chat up lines in the bar they agreed to go back to his bungalow, and after the usual pre-sex drinks everyone stripped!
Brian looked from one to the other, they really were identical, their breasts, pussys, torsos and bottoms were all the same, the only way to tell them apart were the ribbons in their hair, Sherri's was blue while Terri's was red!
After a lot of licking and sucking of breasts, pussys and cock Brian got down to work, he thrust his erection up Sherri's ass while working a finger up Terri's, then it was time to change sides, ass, pussy, mouth Brian worked his way through all the various combinations with cock, finger or tongue, he was panting with the effort, but exercise had never been such fun!!
Finally he licked out Sherri's shaved pussy, his tongue deep inside her, his erection ejaculated for the second time as Terri worked his ass good and hard with his favorite dildo, good thing the carpets were washable!!
There was a clearing of a throat from the open door, everyone looked around, Meg was leaning in the doorway, as usual she was wearing only her glasses and a big smile,is this a private orgy of can anyone join in??
Hello Meg, this is Sherri and Terri, girls this is Meg who lives here with her wife Hayley, just as her name was spoken Hayley arrived, wearing the same as Meg, except for the glasses, hi girls, she said, how about a nice relaxing sixty-nine, I think Brian looks a bit worn out, sure both girls said at the same time!!
They both took off their ribbons and lay down, the girls climbed in top of them and the licking began, meanwhile Brian sat and watched as he got his breath back, he smiled as all four anuses ended up with a finger deep inside!!
After all five lay side by side on the bed, it was a big one chosen for just this purpose, enjoying the after sex glow, we'll have to introduce you to a couple of friends of ours, said one of the twins, without the ribbons it was impossible to tell which was which!!
Their a brother and sister called Bart and Lisa, Bart is very well hung, and Lisa likes to try out new things, we regularly have a foursome with them, not sure if Bart likes it up the ass but I know Lisa certainly does!!
So Brian, girls, how about round three, said both of the twins at the same time, I'd thought you'd never ask, said Meg, Hayley and Brian together!!!
2019-03-23 10:30:38
>> #329388
Steve moaned with pleasure as he licked out his sister Hayley's wet pussy!
At the same time a large white dog called Brian was fucking him up the ass good and hard!
And his sister's wife Meg was sucking at his erect cock after managing to swallow it's whole length!
Ah, he thought, life just doesn't get better then this!!!
2019-03-05 06:33:35
>> #328131
Meg, her wife Hayley and their friend Roberta were sunbathing, they lay on loungers in their backyard, soaking up the sun, through in Roberta's case this was pretty redundant as her skin colour was a natural dark chocolate brown, but she was happy to did it to be with her friends and to enjoy the heat!
As usual there was not a stitch of clothing between the three of them, as it was high summer, really hot and set to stay that way, they all wore nothing all day and night long, as long as they were in the house or out back!
The yard was secluded, the side of the only house that over looked it only had one small window, this was on the landing by the stairs, unknown to them it's sole occupant, an elderly bachelor, was balancing on a chair at the top of the stairs!!
He was nude and masturbating himself as he gazed at the naked loveliness outside with a pair of binoculars, at the moment of ejaculation he lost his balance, fell off the chair, down the stairs and broke his neck, as he died he thought, what a bloody silly way to die!!!
2019-03-04 10:35:48
>> #328082
All three girls stood in a line and bending over, Roberta in the middle, Meg and Hayley to left and right, all three were naked, as they always were when having sex or just generally hanging out!!
Brian stood behind Roberta, his cock buried deep in her ass, at the same time he had two fingers each in Meg and Hayley's anuses, he grunted with the effort and concentration as he worked with his cock and fingers at the same time!
A smiling Meg turned to the other girls and said, now that's what I call multi-tasking!!!
Date Feb 16, 2018User botRating ExplicitScore 13(vote up)
2019-04-20 04:04:41
>> #331521
That is the most delicious fat juicy tender ass ever. I love Chel <3
2019-04-20 04:02:15
>> #331520
Why is this extremely hot?

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