03/07/24 01:08AM
Furry Transformation Learning Center
Ever worked at a learning center? Like the summer after high school? If your grades aren't good enough for college. And you're not strong enough for the army.

You learn very basic stuff at a learning center. Stuff like first aid. How to operate a cash register. And how to do a rich guy's taxes.

Maybe there is a learning center? The dead mall. It has a blatant and explicit talking animal theme.

You have to deliberately avoid what's going on here.

The learning center is teaching you how to be a furry. You start growing fur. A tail. More interesting genitalia. And you have the sex drive of an Internet porn star.

If you're really lucky you get to keep your name. Instead of getting a new one.

The exact moment you signed your first piece of paperwork. The Universe viewed you as one more furry.
03/07/24 04:40AM

please just use the rp-thread like everyone else ( ̄へ ̄;

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