06/14/23 01:32AM
Console or PC?
It's just a question, isn't it for them to fight
06/19/23 05:38AM
I've never had a PC so i can't really compare. But for now, console.
06/26/23 12:16PM
For this (and similar) sites; laptop.
06/27/23 07:14PM
Pros and Cons
I have both consoles and a PC. I feel that the pc gives you the ability to modify games to your liking and use fan created content. That being said when using pc many companies and modders have content that outright won't work unless you tinker with setting for an hour. Consoles are great for pick up and play compared to computers. They often a less powerful and can have restrictions on modding or available games. I enjoy my computer but with how busy I am with college and work I prefer my console for when I do have freetime.

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