01/07/20 10:04PM
ToS Expanded.
Some extra reminders on our policy.

1. No Loli/Shotacon.

2. No bestiality, no 3d realistic zoophilia, no weird or disturbing or overly grosss content.

3. No race edits, or inflamatory edits.

4. No spam or source spamming.

5. No patreon spamming, keep links to your publicly availible website.

6. No images focused on one body part like dick shots.

7. No Real porn of any kind. No very realistic porn of well know celebs when they where teens or younger.

8. No AI loli/shota

9. No AI photo filter porn, no real elements (please stop reporting vaguely realistic it has to be very very realistic mistaken for a photo or a filter of a real photo or video).

Stop reporting anyt

10. No non porn zoomed in one body part feature pics.

Still getting too many reports for AI, make sure it's photo real before reporting, we are getting too many reports about this, this is supposed to be a quiet smaller site with more relaxed rules.

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