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The more you click, the more she cums!

Hentai Clicker continues our tradition of steamy free-to-play hentai browser games. In this incremental clicker, the Haremverse is shrouded by a mysterious Mist that prevents girls from having any sexual pleasure.

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Can you build the mightiest harem?

Hentai Heroes is a free, addictive, RPG, browser game featuring the most perverted stories with your favorite girls from the manga universe, beloved comic books, popular games, and your wildest fantasies! All the girls are horny, insatiable, and waiting for you to be their Hero!

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Can you impress the hottest hunks?

Gay Harem is a gay oriented, yaoi, R-PG18 browser game featuring naughty stories with many hot guys from popular manga, anime, comic books, movies and pop culture! Now is the time to become the greatest and most famous lover in Haremverse history!