bbw black_and_white bouncing breasts chubby closed_eyes couch gif nipples no_panties pussy sex thursting

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Anonymous >> #285352
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that clits popping out and needs some love. easiest thing you can do is put your hand down there and rub it while fucking her, and you'll be the best fuck she's ever had.

Anonymous >> #285353
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anyone got sauce?

Hakkan813 >> #285355
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Chubby bitches are the best, you have more to grab during sex

Anonymous >> #285363
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This looks like a situation where you head over to take her out for dinner and a movie, but you're horny when you get there and she's all dolled up. So, you exert your man'ness and just take her panties off, pull her titties out, and take her on the couch. Fuck her, nut in her, then tell her to get dressed again without a shower, so she can smell like you and feel you oozing out of her the rest of the night.

Used to do this to my now wife on friday evening. Get there after work, and been horny, so just take her from the start. You got all dolled up and are ready to go out? Well, doesn't matter what you want right now. I'm horny. Bend over.

She loved it.

Anonymous >> #285497
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Her name is Arianny kody I think

Anonymous >> #290220
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here is the full view source here.