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sexydude >> #278197
Posted on 2017-08-01 23:58:17 Score: 0 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
I had to fix the weirdest set of tags on here... What's with all those tags and underscores???

Pokegirls369 >> #278199
Posted on 2017-08-02 00:11:52 Score: 0 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
Yeah sorry about that, I was working on fixing it and my internet cut out and you beat me to it, thanks.

sexydude >> #278209
Posted on 2017-08-02 01:07:28 Score: 0 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
It's okay and no problem. XD I hope I got the artist's name right. I couldnt find his work here. They must've got deleted. I don't know if this one's getting deleted next but it seems it will.

sexydude >> #278210
Posted on 2017-08-02 01:09:43 Score: 0 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
Nevermind, I found them. :/