2_girls arm_around_waist ass bare_shoulders barefoot big_breasts bike_shorts biting blush bob_cut borrowed_character breasts brown_hair cleavage crop_top dark_skin emlan full_body green_eyes hairband heather_(krekka) interracial leotard leotard_pull lip_biting long_hair michelle_(krekka) mirror mirror_image multiple_girls navel orange_hair original ponytail purple_eyes scrunchie shoes_removed short_hair short_shorts shorts smile socks sportswear standing strap_slip sweat thong_leotard very_dark_skin wedgie wristband yuri

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MMM, If I were the girl on the left, I'd sniff the crotch n ass parts of her leotard and bike shorts while I lick her clean! That strong, womanly taste coupled with those sour/musty spandexy stinks, too erotic!