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the professor had assured moon that to build a strong bond with her pokemon she would need to learn to see things from their perspective. although a little vague, the young trainer had decided to take her mentor's words to heart.

“but where should I start?”
moon pondered as she made her way out of town.

came a quiet response.

the trainer frowned. Looking up she turned to her left and saw a herd of Tauros grazing beside a lake.


The young calf mooed happily at the trainer as she hugged his soft hide.

“you smell funky!”
the trainer wrinkled her nose as she recalled the smell of a farm she'd visited in school when she was younger.

“i know, how about a bath?”
She asked the calf, motioning over to the lake where several tauros were drinking.

Moon stood up from the grass field and ran towards the water, her new companion close in tow.
Once they'd reached the water's edge, the trainer began stripping off her clothes.

“no point in getting these wet.”
she smiled at the tauros, who stared quizzically at her, it's small head tilted to the side.

The young calf watched as the girl pulled her overtly large shirt up over her head, her small pert breast bouncing as she struggled to pull her shirt off.

“almost ready.”
she said, pulling off her hat and rustling her hair.

Moon then sat down and worked off her sneakers, tossing them to the side as she began wiggling out of her green shorts and striped panties

she announced cheerfully, placing her hands on her naked hips in a victory pose.

The calf, still unfazed by the girl's dramatic transformation, managed an enthusiastic bleat.

“ok! Come on!”
moon laughed, taking a running leap into the deep blue and frigid water.

she shrieked, kicking her legs up in the ice cold water.

The young tauros then dove right into the freezing trainer, knocking her back under.

For the next several minutes the two moaned and cried as they tried to scurry out of the lake.

“o-ok bath times over...”
Moon shivered, snuggling up next to the calf for warmth.

The young pokemon rubbed up against the trainer and ran it's tongue along her face.

“hey, that tickles”
she giggled, pulling away from the calf, whom started to lick her hair.

“oh! Is this how you guys take baths?”
the trainer wondered as the pokemon began nuzzling her neck.

“maybe it would be better if I was like this?”

the girl shifted, rolling onto her side, then onto her hands and knees, so she was level with the calf.

she chuckled as the pokemon returned to licking her.

It tickled for the most part and she found the bath to be funny. Very different from how she usually went about completing the task, that is, until the pokemon took a swipe at her butt.

“oh! H-hey you don't have to do ther-RAAH!”
Moon began as the pokemon's tongue poked at her anus.

Reaching a hand back, she quickly covered her bum before the calf could lick her there again.

The calf continued it's work of licking the girl clean, but became persistent as it couldn't reach to clean her further.

“n-no that's ok.”
she told him, worried the calf might think she was being rude to him.

But then the calf head-butted her hand.

“Please stop!”
Moon cried, turning to shoo the pokemon away from her crotch.

Looking back, the girl froze in fear. No longer was the young calf grooming her, but in its place stood a giant of a beast.

she whispered, taking in the full size of the Adult Tauros
“D-do you want to be my friend?”
moon asked nervously as the larger Tauros leered down at her.

It snorted in response, sending a blast of hot moist air down at her exposed vagina that made her jump.

“I-i'm too young… to d-die.”
she whimpered, the idea of being tackled to death by the pokemon inches from her behind filled her with dread as her body began to shake uncontrollably, unintentionally wiggling her butt at the bull.

Suddenly the tauros forced it's snout between the trainer's legs and ran its wide tongue against her pink nethers.

she cried as the pokemon's hot, sticky muscle lapped at her.


"o-oh no..."
the girl gasped as the weight of the tauros pushed her down into the soft earth. she feared she'd be crushed beneath the bull pokemon's heavy frame as it mounted her, it's chipped hoof driving her face into the dirt.

And that's all I was able to write…. Sorry lads, family's calling...

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