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Sideway322 >> #249981
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Prissy continued watching as Catty brought Shinny around facing her rear. She was puzzled as to what Catty was up to. Then she watched as Shinny was pulled quite quickly until her head smacked her butt with enough force that she yelled "ouch!" Catty was pleased with her work, 'payback sweetheart' she thought to herself. Prissy's foot slipped into Matriarch's eye as a result of the smack. "Take your foot out of my eye!" She shouted and her lover quickly did as she was told. Matriarch turned towards her and said "Clumsy cow!" Prissy was feeling both upset and slightly turned on; whenever her tsundere lover used that tone with her, it usually meant she'd be getting double the spankings later that evening.
Meanwhile, Shinny had managed to climb on top of Catty. She looked back towards the girl below her and couldn't help but ask to herself 'Why do you have to be so rude?' She wished Catty would stop picking on Prissy like she did. Why couldn't they just get along?

Anonymous >> #250225
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I really liked this part of the pyramid and there are some things I do not understand for example
in the pyramid of elephants not in human elephant 4 catty looks weird when up to 4 elephant made only says because you're so rude

what I mean is that it is very rare that a good thing from my point of view we do not know as it is called 4 elephant because in the movie Dumbo pachyderms do not know how the other elephants are called terminating the piramide

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