2_girls 3d ada_wong artist_request babe back bare_back bare_legs bare_shoulders belt black_gloves black_hair black_skirt blue_eyes boots breasts brown_boots brown_gloves brown_hair capcom crossover dark_skin dress eye_contact fingerless_gloves gloves high_heels hugging indoors jill_valentine kissing leaning leaning_back leaning_forward legs lips looking_at_another love multiple_girls mutual_yuri neck open-back_dress pantyhose pencil_skirt red_dress red_high_heels resident_evil resident_evil_3 resident_evil_4 restrained short_hair sitting skirt strapless tubetop wrist_grab yuri

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selina_selina >> #323711
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boy oh boy its getting on. and i love the cuffs on adas side

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