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Anonymous >> #35298
Posted on 2012-01-15 20:17:39 Score: -30 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
tag your posts faggot

Anonymous >> #35302
Posted on 2012-01-15 20:40:18 Score: 23 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
anon#1 is also a faggot for bitching about it rather then doing it. hypocrisy aside.

Anonymous >> #35303
Posted on 2012-01-15 20:44:00 Score: -33 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
^ it's the job of the uploader to tag his/her post. But hey if you want this site to go down the shitter all the power to you

Anonymous >> #35312
Posted on 2012-01-15 21:05:37 Score: -33 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
anon3's valid point shits on anon2's attempt at sassery. 10 points to gryffindor

Anonymous >> #35314
Posted on 2012-01-15 21:09:38 Score: 35 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
^Take your Harry Potter bullshit and shove it up your candy ass

Chartreux >> #35326
Posted on 2012-01-15 22:01:00 Score: -1 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
Anons waffle
I tag

unknowmoney23 >> #35347
Posted on 2012-01-15 22:52:26 Score: 58 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
good stomach and boobs i like her and everything i would fuck her

Anonymous >> #35350
Posted on 2012-01-15 22:59:36 Score: -27 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
I just found out unknowmoney23's system. Whenever he comment on a pic he favorite it. Yeah what can I say, I'm fucking awesome

unknowmoney23 >> #35356
Posted on 2012-01-15 23:08:23 Score: -23 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
WTF how u -- who are u and how u get in the my system?

Anonymous >> #35357
Posted on 2012-01-15 23:10:55 Score: -20 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
^the_anonymous2 told me

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