amy_rose animal_ears artist_request ass backboob blue_eyes breast_grab breast_hold breasts cosplay covering covering_breasts gender_swap genderswap green_eyes grim grim_(artist) hairless_pussy huge_ass huge_breasts lick miles_"tails"_prower miles_prower multiple_tails nipple_pinch nipple_tweak nipples nude open_mouth pussy rule_63 simple_background sonic sonic_team sonic_the_hedgehog tail thefuckingdevil tongue

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Anonymous >> #12835
Posted on 2011-02-26 02:16:34 Score: 3 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Seriously...fucking retards with the wonder this is the trash can of porn

Anonymous >> #12842
Posted on 2011-02-26 08:13:19 Score: -1 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Screw you Anon1, this pic is hot and the notes make it better.

Anonymous >> #14437
Posted on 2011-04-12 22:47:24 Score: 5 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
I didn't mean anything about the picture (The picture's great). But I will be willing to change my opinion if you give me a reason as to why the notes make this picture better.

Anonymous >> #14595
Posted on 2011-04-18 00:30:25 Score: 1 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
Okay, that's fair and I respect you for giving me that chance. Well the notes makes some pics better because it allows the viewer to gain a better expression of the art they are looking at as opposed to try and just guess at it.

Anonymous >> #19282
Posted on 2011-07-18 10:27:06 Score: 3 (vote Up/Down)   (Report as spam)
I just came to come.