ass big_ass bottomless demon erection majalis_(artist) male no_panties penis succubus tail trap yaoi

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Anonymous >> #12344
Posted on 2011-02-08 07:43:42 Score: 2 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
Name: Hard Sell
Description(that I've thought up with help of the original): Its difficult for a succubus to seal a deal. This ones using his large alluring ass to distract the man from realizing he's got a cock as long and thick as his arm, so that he doesn't reconsider giving away his immortal soul.

Anonymous >> #17341
Posted on 2011-06-14 11:26:20 Score: 3 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
i supose alot of people would give away their souls to do this :DDDD