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1boy 1boy1girl 1girl 2020s 2023 2d 2d_(artwork) absurd_res anthro anthro_only arms_above_head artist_name artist_signature asgore_dreemurr asgoriel bedroom bedroom_eyes belly big_belly big_breasts big_penis blonde_hair body_hair boss_monster bovid breasts caprine chest_hair chest_tuft chubby chubby_anthro chubby_female chubby_male completely_nude completely_nude_female completely_nude_male couple digital_media_(artwork) duo female female_anthro female_focus first_person_view floppy_ears foreplay fur furry furry_female furry_male furry_only genitals goat goat_ears goat_girl goat_horns hairy_chest hetero high_res horizontal_pupils horn horns humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis husband husband_and_wife inverted_nipples lying lying_on_back lying_on_bed male male/female male_anthro male_nipples male_pov mammal marital_sex mature_female mature_male monster narrowed_eyes navel nipples nude on_back on_bed overweight penetrating_pov penetration penetrator_pov penis pinup pose pov pupils pussy seductive seme_asgore sequence sequential sex signature smile solo_focus straight teasing thelightsmen thick_thighs third-party_source top_asgore toriel tuft undertale undertale_(series) unseen_male_face video_game_character video_games white_body white_fur wife

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