1girl 1girl alluring bandai_namco big_breasts blue_eyes bow breasts caucasian choker covered_breasts covered_nipples covered_pussy curvy eyelashes fighting_game gloves hearts huge_breasts isabella_valentine ivy_valentine legs looking_at_viewer mostly_nude namco namco_bandai parted_lips project_soul rankgo revealing_clothes ribbon robotic_arm sexy short_hair short_hair_female soul_calibur standing stomach thick thick_thighs toned valentine's_day watermark website_logo white_hair wide_hips

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Doomisphere >> #418834
Posted on 2024-02-14 19:59:37 Score: 2 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
Wouldn't mind spending Valentine's Day with her! Easily has to be one of Bamco's hottest ever characters.

SCC >> #418835
Posted on 2024-02-14 20:11:09 Score: 2 (vote Up)   (Report as spam)
If not, the hottest character Bamco has ever created! At least, in my opinion.