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2010s 2016 2boys alternate_version_available animated_skeleton artist_name big_dom big_dom_small_sub bigger_dom bigger_dom_smaller_sub bigger_male bigger_penetrating bigger_penetrating_smaller blue_blush blue_jacket blush bottom_sans brother/brother brother_and_brother brother_penetrating_brother brothers clothed clothed_sex drooling duo ectotongue english_text fangs fontcest from_behind from_behind_position gay gloves heart-shaped_pupils heart_eyes heart_shaped_pupils incest jacket laddinger larger_male larger_penetrating larger_penetrating_smaller male male/male male_only male_penetrated male_penetrating male_penetrating_male onomatopoeia orange_blush orange_tongue outside papyrus papyrus_(undertale) papysans penetration penetration_from_behind penetration_through_clothes public_sex red_gloves sans sans_(undertale) seme_papyrus sex sex_from_behind skeleton skeletons small_sub small_sub_big_dom smaller_male smaller_penetrated smaller_sub smaller_sub_bigger_dom stealth_sex sweat text tongue top_papyrus uke_sans undead undertale undertale_(series) visible_breath watermark x-ray yaoi

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