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1cuntboy 2020s 2022 2boys 2d 2d_(artwork) absurd_res absurdres animated_skeleton anon anonymous anonymous_male black_censor_bar blue_hoodie blue_jacket blue_pussy blush bottom_sans bottomless bound bound_legs bound_wrists censor_bar censored_penis cuntboy cuntboy_focus cuntboy_penetrated cuntboysub digital_media_(artwork) ectoplasm ectopussy faceless_male forced_prostitution hooded_jacket hoodie jacket japanese_text large_filesize legs_apart legs_forced_open male male/cuntboy male_penetrating male_penetrating_cuntboy monster penis_in_mouth penis_in_pussy pixiv_id_1724049 prostitution pussy restrained restraints sans sans_(undertale) sequence sequential skeleton socks socks_on solo_focus spitroast submissive sweat text text_bubble uke_sans undead undertale undertale_(series) unseen_male unseen_male_face video_games

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