10/13/14 02:17AM
Removing Loli and Shota (Drawn children/youngteen humans), please stop uploading it, you will get banned!
Before anything, if you use loli/shota tags anything to do with it, your image will be removed and you will be banned if you do it again, stop using it please!

By uploading Loli and Shota (drawn pictures of kids/young teens) you put at risk this websites survival, we run off ad revenue and our advert provider does not allow loli/shota.

Since you cannot run a site of this size without ad revenue and donations are not high enough yet on the Patreon for us to go ad free yet.

Any pictures of children should be reported and anyone caught uploading it will face a ban, we have to get tough on this because some people are not paying attention and blindly uploading loli/shota.

Also we are removing the huge backlog of previously posted loli/shota, just because it is there does not mean you can post it, if you make our removal job harder, you will get banned.

Loli/Shota is not based on the characters fictional age, it is based on what age the character appears to be, there are many examples where child characters are drawn as older teens and aduls, Lisa simpson for example drawn as an older teen or adult is fine.

If a character is drawn in the grown up style or teenager style we are not going to remove it because she has not been drawn as a child, this is why some images remain.

Flagging for deletion works, you just need to give a reason, ie loli and we will review it for removal, this may take a little time but it will be removed. If for some reason the flagging system which is to the left column of the image does not work, please try with another browser, because we get reports just fine with the system every day, it is working.

Any queries please mail us from 'my account', all topics on site policy are erased from the forums, that isn't that the forums are for, the forums are for chat and light topics, site policy is not open for debate.

Update: Understand bans are for good, I am having to ban people every week because they upload loli because they think it is OK because some remains here, it's like committing crimes because crime is going on... get real, don't get banned! don't upload depictions of children!

You are hypocrites for doing this, you allow some! - No we "miss" some, report any you think we have missed and help us remove it better!

Your ad provider has loli/young teens in it! - Yeah often fully dressed and chances are they are old enough and you are clutching at straws.

You can report links to breaches of terms of service or query to Admin:

Alaron & Kielan

Guide to erasing reasons shorthand:

s - shota
l - loli
np - not porn
pq - poor quality
tos - terms of service violation
dick shot - pictures of just a penis, same applies for pictures of just a vagina.

07/11/18 02:45PM
People still getting banned for loli/shota some who have been on this site for years, seriously don't take the risk, if it looks like a child, do not upload it, we will ban anyone uploading this stuff, the site's survival depends on it.

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