05/18/11 01:39AM
who the hell keeps erasing all of are tags? Horror you need to read this.
To the Person who keeps erasing all the tags and replacing them with only one word the word boner please stop it is really damn annoying.

So Horror if you are reading this please banned this annoying asshole.
05/18/11 05:32AM
+1. Xbooru is close to inactivity as is. This doesn't help. Luckily they haven't touched the gay images yet, so it doesn't affect me directly it is highly disrespectful. Stupid trolls.
05/18/11 03:33PM
Yeah. It's bugging me to add tags and go back two minutes later to see them erased. I stopped tagging five months ago because of it and just started tagging again and it's still happening.

It's equally as annoying to read the tag history and see that there were already tags and instead of being able to hit 'random' to find a pic in need of tagging and tag something new, I'm just wasting time tagging something that was already tagged.
06/05/11 02:48PM
+1. Indeed, that's annoying. (I would be ready to search for 'boner' tags and remove them but that would not help either: While they are there, they could be understood as "valuable tags replaced by stupid trolling attempt")

Hey, would it be possible to have the tags in a form of "immutable history" like on a Wiki page? Then removing of tags could be easily undone and the evil remover's deed would be exposed for eternity.
07/15/23 08:10PM
We had a couple users who keep deleting tags and that was BarnaDeez and CatLordBingus and it was annoying.

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