11/29/10 07:43PM
Lolicon v Toddlercon
There's a HUGE difference between lolicon and toddlercon. Whereas lolicon draws its influence from the lolita complex and isn't restricted by age limits, toddlercon is really just CP very thinly veiled as art. You know it when you see it. While it's not my place to infringe on the posting rights of others, I think that there should be added emphasis placed on creating separate tags.
11/29/10 10:40PM
From what I see people tend to just separate them from art styles, calling the japanese looking ones lolicon, and anything else toddlercon. I find them both unenjoyable, and relatable to CP. However, as it stands the only thing that stands as CP tends to be non-drawings. As such I've been instructed to leave anything that is a drawing, unless of course i feel it is going too far with something, or say, obviously trying to draw over what was once a photo.

When it comes to tags though, if you see things wrongly tagged, feel free to fix it, or report repeat offenders.
11/29/10 11:19PM
Even among the Japanese ones, there are pics depicting characters that are clearly in single digits and in the mid to early stages of infancy. That's what I consider toddlercon. I'd have changed tags by now, but I usually avoid clicking on those. I'll start retagging when I see these now so that the blacklist option means something.

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