03/23/12 04:41PM
About 0.5 million tags have been added, roughly 10 thousand tag types have been changed and we are still in the process of updating the tag count. (Numbers that show next to tags).

Xbooru Admin
05/12/12 10:01PM
Here's a suggestion.
How about the ones posting the images be the ONLY one able to tag the images.
Any suggestions for tags can be added by comment.
It's very stupid allowing everyone & anyone to tag any images other than there own, members are having to re-tag their posted images to many times because of this stupid stupid crap.
07/04/12 04:51AM
Frowny face
I disagree. You'd be surprised how many posters know next to nothing about their images and just use the bare miniable tags such as 'cum' 'character_name' 'tagme' and not even tagme sometimes. How about we allow people to change/add tage, but the poster has to approve them?
07/05/12 03:05PM
To implement a way for posters to "approve" on tag changes is way too much work.

If we didn't there would be A LOT more tagme images on the website then there currently are.

Also "tagme" tag is automatically added on images that need it, no users should have to add it.

If someone is sabotaging your tags feel free to send me a message and I'll handle it.

Xbooru Admin
07/09/12 02:39AM
Bare minimum tags: Set a number for the minimum tags allowed before images are accepted.
Any suggestions for tags can be added by comment would be a better way to because this way.
1. The admin doesn't have to sort through my tags has been sabotage messages from multiple members.
2. The member posting any & all images would only be accessed by them & the admin/mods & this would be guaranteed any images would not be sabotaged by just any random member.
3. This would stop the anonymous members from deliberately sabotage tags just for the fun of it.
4. Would also stop other named members from being total jackasses & using tags as a means to bash images & other members they dislike.
5. All images can be saved, copied by members or non member alike with the only credit to the poster is their name by the image.
We're taking our time to bring images here from our collections or our time searching the web to upload so they can be viewed then have everyone leaving their mark all over it.
07/09/12 03:01AM
6. How many images are littered all over Xbooru simply because members like the picture.
By letting everyone here add tags you now have one picture with 25+ tags with new tags being added to that one picture.
That one picture is now in 25+ different categories on this site & spreading to more.
7. Creating a list of default tags would also stop people from adding the minimum number of tags.
The poster would also be allowed to add tags if they know specifics of the images they're posting.
07/13/12 07:11PM
I would just love for some tags to be automatically denied, as in, unusable. A tag filter, if you will. Idunno how many synonym tags we have, but they have to be a lot, and to be honest, it's just more work to avoid redundancy. We don't need any word other than "breast", for example. And while aliases kinda fix that, it's just stupid to have so many redundant tags just because some people think like a 12-year old and tag "boobies". Other things, like for example, <name>_(artist) tags are just redundant. If the tag is well made, the color itself will tell you whose name that is.

To leave tagging to only the posters is ridiculous. Maybe we just need more users (who know what they're doing) with power to fix tags globally, as in completely exterminate a tag, or change it to another entirely with just one edit.
07/18/12 09:31PM
And leaving tags open to everyone & you get exactly what anonymous did because they were bored or just because they can.
Why increase the work for the admin when you could be giving the poster & admin tag access only. The time the admin spends correcting what bored_anonymous does is time Xbooru is down or members re-tagging is unavailable or members themselves spending that time complaining about ruined tags & having to go back re-tagging each & every image.
How many images are on Xbooru ?
And how many images does the admin has to go through re-tagging because someone just wanted to tag everything Not_Porn.
If the poster can't come up with tags or doesn't, then Xbooru could automatically tag images using a minimum of 5 general tags.
Having the poster responsible for tagging images they bring is more a guarantee tags will remain in place.
Each member when posting should use a minimum of 5 general tags for each image from a selection of general most commonly used tags.
07/18/12 09:41PM
No member has control on any tags they list for each image they post.
So why would any want to continue contributing to a site where everyone has hands on what you bring.
07/18/12 10:13PM
Anonymous users aren't allowed to change tags because they'd screw with them and get away with it,
actual users can't mess with tags "Cuz their bored" and get away with it; they'll get caught and warned. If it continues they'll be banned, much like several users already have been for that; such as The_Anonymous2.
07/19/12 02:48AM
OMG Your right! That totally stopped members from rearranging tags.
It completely stops people from signing up just to troll tags.
Xbooru & other sites where all members have access to what others post are easy sites to troll, a threat of being banned won't even slow them down.
Poster or administration tag access eliminates that altogether, stop making it easy for trolls & give a guarantee tags will remain in place.
07/19/12 04:02AM
Forgive me, but I haven't seen many tags being screwed with;
Unless of course people are correcting tags. But if you are seeing tags being screwed with by Troll users, report them to Alaron; that will get them fixed and have the user warned/IP Banned. If you don't bother reporting via message, then it won't be stopped; remember this is a user generated Booru (So we've been told half a billion times) it's up to you. Alaron can't check out every single tag on every single picture, imagine how many pictures get uploaded a day; Alaron only checks the site every few days or less then that. So by the time Alaron gets on a lot of uploads have occurred, do you expect Alaron to go through every single upload when they get on; then don't expect them to catch every tag error or changing trollish user unless you report directly to Alaron.

Not allowing Tags to be edited by other users could lead to more Simspictures where the user doesn't even tag their images or only put the gender or show (Usually incorrectly), how many "Tagme"'s would multiple if we didn't allow people to edit tags; that is exactly my point.

If someone is screwing with your tags in a Trollish manner keep reporting them to Alaron, he will deal with the user as seen fit; either a warning or an IP Banned (meaning they can't reach the site any longer).
07/19/12 03:28PM
I never said that the admin should re-tag, that's our job. I said that they should make a filter available, and leave it for influential user access only. By "influential", I mean users that have gotten positive records, are widely known in the forums or meet some other requirement. That way, users can do their job, and while working on a filter means more work now, it's a set-it-and-forget-it thing, so less work in the future working on tag redundancies and what-not. Hard work to start, but makes maintenance much easier because at least one aspect of the site (tag-related stuff like aliases, global tag edits and such) would be COMPLETELY under user responsibility. Leaving tags to the poster would mean that a lot of material would have to be deleted because of not meeting minimum tag requirements, even stuff that other users can easily tag. The honor system can work, we just have to help it along.
07/19/12 04:56PM
Just say Mods.
Nothing would be deleted if there was automatic Xbooru filter system that instantly tags images with the minimum of 5 tags.

Honor system ? here ?
Yea users are completely honest with their nasty comments.
Nothing like high expectations on an immature site.
07/21/12 01:18PM
I said filter, not auto-tag magic. a filter doesn't work that way.
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