05/06/24 04:06AM
Request for a new Tag: Elita-1 or Elita_One from Transfomers (Please don't ban me, I don't know how the forum works and I didn't know where to post)
I will try to consume as little time as possible. I was uploading some images of transformers, however I noticed that although there are images of Elita-1 on xbooru, it does not have its corresponding name tag, everywhere where it appears it is either not tagged or it is tagged with the name of another character ( Mostly, Arcee)

So I wanted to suggest adding a name tag for her, Elita-1 or Elita_One, depending on which you think is most convenient. That's all. Thank you for your time.

ps: Please, seriously don't ban or punish me for making a topic for this. I looked to see if there was a guide somewhere to know where to use the forum or where to make these requests. But I didn't find anything, so I decided to take a chance. Thanks for your understanding.
05/07/24 03:25AM
Just use Elita_One and make it is them.

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