01/21/24 04:57AM
What Makes A Good Porn Comic?
You'd think this would be an easy question to answer, but in reality it's actually more complicated than that. I've already gone in length for why Palcomix is shit when it comes to how they make their comics in my previous post. Now's the time to talk about what a good porn comic should look like, at least to me. I'm sure everyone else has a different take, but for now, here's mine.

A good porn comic isn't always just page upon page of sex scenes. It's also an interesting story being told with engaging characters. Now before you harp on me with your "nO oNe CaReS aBoUt PlOt In PoRn" comments, please note that comics are not your typical video on Pornhub. Porn comics, specifically the ones based on cartoons, rely on the viewer's attachment to the character to get them noticed. If you're familiar with the characters already, you would be interested to see how they play out in porn. If the characters are just a horny pig and a helpless slut, there's no investment and it's nothing but a waste of material. No porn comic should have an Oscar worthy script, obviously. It does, however, pay to have a clear set up, establish the characters, and creative story boarding.

There Something About Tsunade by Romulo Melkor Manchin is a great example of a good porn comic (check it:
It has an interesting set-up of Naruto taking a bath and Tsunade joining him after being drugged by Jirayah. The comic also has some good art direction with the characters having the sunlight bounce off their skin naturally, Tsunade's tits being naturally spherical, the backgrounds being well detailed, and great use of onomonopia. There's also some funny bits thrown in for good measure such as Naruto's nose bleeding from embarrassment and Jirayah getting socked in the face. At 14 pages with 6-9 panels on each page, it's a very well paced and engaging comic.

In summary, what makes a good porn comic is an interesting set-up, engaging characters, good storyboarding, solid pacing, and creative art direction. It also helps to be funny here and there. That's just my take, I would love to know what you guys think.
01/26/24 12:19PM
Good Porn Comic
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