04/05/23 10:35PM
Favorite Godzilla female human character only
Looking for everyone answer and question if they have favorite female human character they’ve like,
Also this includes movies and godzilla anime themselves.
09/10/23 11:26AM
Probably only Maia Simmons.

Was hoping she was gonna have a bigger impact on the story, maybe with the other characters. But oh well.
10/22/23 01:33PM
I’m stuck on two. Either it’s:

-Miki from most Heisei films
-Jia from Godzilla vs Kong

I would not say that any of them are amazing characters, but I do enjoy them a lot. Miki appears in six films and has a few small character arcs throughout where she grows up and that’s nice! It’s not ultimately that meaningful, but it is nice to watch this character grow overtime.

Jia is probably the most interesting human character in Godzilla vs Kong. Her relationship with Kong is really interesting, and I find it really sweet and heartwarming. I also like that apparently they used actual sign language for when she speaks, which isn’t something that happens all that often, which is cool.

There are a couple others that I’m thinking of, but there’s not much. Honestly, human characters are normally kinda shafted in Godzilla films, and so there’s not much to talk about. Hopefully in more movies they have more interesting human characters to follow.

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