02/28/12 08:01PM
What's leaving and what would you guys want to see...
First of all - We are permanently removing all 3d lolicon and toddlercon. (Most of it is already gone). As both of those are against our ToS.

With that gone I'd like to know what would you guys like to see more of!

Post replies here or in a direct message to me.

Xbooru Admin
02/28/12 08:09PM
I'd like to see more actual Erotic art on here
I'm tired of the main page clogging up with Childish Tram Pararam that I can't even see because it's on my blacklist. Just the other day, There was absolutely nothing on the main page besides Tram Pararam. You also might want to go through your Bestiality tag, there is a lot that is against the guideline rules as well. Just a tip...
02/28/12 08:19PM
It's kind of a "what do you guys want" not what you "don't want". Some people might enjoy that so it's staying as it's not against the ToS.

Xbooru Admin
02/28/12 09:11PM
I love tram pararam lol but besides that,I'd like to see more of Apostle and Randomrandom's art,they are both really talented.Also,just more great hentai and less of the real pics,most of them are weird and/or ugly :P
02/28/12 09:35PM
Have to admit though
oGtRaMmAsTeR420 said:
I love tram pararam lol but besides that,I'd like to see more of Apostle and Randomrandom's art,they are both really talented.Also,just more great hentai and less of the real pics,most of them are weird and/or ugly :P

Some of those real pics are hot, I know what you mean though it's like people upload crap just to screw with people... =_="
02/28/12 11:46PM
hum. What about girls? I mean real young adult females of the human kind. not sexy or "hot" facebook annoying girls. but female minds to chat/comment naughty stuff :!
03/01/12 06:33PM
There's no point in asking for stuff from specific artists unless someones gonna post older stuff that isn't here yet. I frequent the pages randomrandom posts on and whoever posts his stuff here seems to be up on most of his stuff. And I personally have no clue where apostle is posting the new stuff I've seen, I thought he retired. I'd like to see more comics, doujins and mangas, of the porn/hentai variety of course.
03/01/12 06:51PM
my lip are sealed
eveyone know that the artist is posted their new artwork somewhere and everywhere u just got to find them in some porn site just saying and don't get virus either
07/04/12 05:57AM
One in a million
Futanari all the way for me...:P
07/10/12 03:52AM
Request Option
Is this request for the admin to add Xbooru features ?
Because i don't understand why people are requesting different categories of erotic art when they can just simply find it & upload it themselves.

Ok here's my request, why not have underneath options or that STUPID cum on this option a request more of option.
If someone likes the picture or artist then there could be check boxes for them to check.

I Request More:
1. From This artist
2. From This member
3. Of This Erotic Art Type.
4. Of This Character
5. Of This Image Format
They could check as many boxes as they want for their request.
They could even add a comment to further explain what exactly they're requesting.
07/10/12 07:11PM
We're asking for both. I'll see if we can get our programer to code something along those lines. I don't see how it can be functional unless users look at the requests and add based on that.

Keep in mind that Xbooru is, and will always be, entirely user generated.

Xbooru Admin
07/11/12 07:03AM
I understand that, that's why i said a request more of option.
It would be entirely free for Members to look at & add based on the requests.
08/16/12 09:25PM
I would like to see more org. in thfiles Like Nick or Disney other channel. It would make it easier to search for them. TY
09/26/12 11:22AM
You can easily search through uploads of one specific person (search for user:rie for example) and then add more tags for a more specific search. Would it be possible to search through one's favorites the same way? I have many posts favorited but I want to look at for example the gifs I added.
09/30/12 07:18AM
I thought I'd post this for the lolz,I just noticed the image on the Icame button is J.J. Jameson,if anyone has seen the epic meme go to this link if you haven't: epic troll face! you can't tell me that's not hilarious!
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