07/04/22 01:30AM
Hello friends~
Hello! Well I will try to be as clear and direct as possible so that you can understand me well. My name is Marcos, I'm from Argentina, Buenos Aires, I'm 19 years old... and what I'm looking for here is... Have you ever seen those videos where... where 2 people masturbate together on video call... and feel turned on by it? Well, that's what I'm looking for... a girl that I, whenever I feel like it, can call her... make a video call and take away both of our desires. (Beware, if you want to add... images, videos, audios... roles. Everything is welcome) But me more than anything... that's what I was looking for, a girl to take away my desire What do I offer? Well... being available almost at any time, a long and thick cock, a good masturbation and a lot of cum at the end, a friendship if you want it nwn, respect, patience ETC. From now on, I say I don't want... no men, no tras, no ukes, just... GIRLS Finally, I will say that if you want something in person, well... I don't see it very possible, I'm sorry... but if you want a friend or colleague to turn you off... Well, I'll gladly welcome you! Thanks for reading and good morning, afternoon or evening.
09/10/23 11:30AM
Was...that all?
Is that all you wanted to share? Am I even meant to comment on his thread?

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