04/28/19 07:35AM
Blowjobs - soft or hard?
Boys, or girls. How do u prefer starting off a blowjob? Do you want to start with the cock soft and have it swell n harden in the mouth as it is sucked? Or do you wanna start with it already hard, throbbing, maybe even leaking?
04/28/19 01:52PM
Clearly you've never given a blowjob before in your life, otherwise you wouldn't have posted this
04/28/19 02:22PM
Wow, seems a needlessly unpleasant remark. Guess I should know better than to talk to internet nerds they are a hateful breed.
04/28/19 02:54PM
My sincerest apologies, madam, I wasn't aware that you were sensitive about this subject
04/28/19 06:01PM
CQ asked how others preferred to do it, she wasn’t asking what method is best to use when giving one herself. She could have given over fifty, and this question would’ve still been a good one to ask. I’m a guy, and I cater towards the females. So I’ve never given one and will never give one, but I’ve never received one either.
04/29/19 06:02AM
to get this back on track
i like starting soft.

i like seeing a guy's cute package and help it grow into that nice big treat he's been hiding for me, y'know?

but it's not just the dick that gets me into it. the way he smells, his feel on my lips and tongue along with his flavor. feeling him throb when i look up at him and smile or shiver as my teeth nibble on him. you build the guy up from the ground up and use everything at your disposal; your hands rubbing his thighs or cupping his sack and fondling those balls or wrapping your tits around his length (for girls who have big ones) to get him right up to the edge, then push him over or tease him off.

when i let a guy cum, i like it to be messy all the way through. lots of pre to glaze my lips and sample before getting the big one (so drink plenty of water fellas, i wanna feel like i'm sucking you dry)
and speaking of the big one, i want it all over my boobs most of the time. to mark me, but also because i have a bit of a sensitive palate and cum doesn't agree with me. though if you eat all your fruits and veggies and try to take care of yourself, the flavor doesn't bother me as much.

but once i've got a guy "nice, hard and throbbing" as CQ put it, i like to do one of two things.
1. assume a motherly role and coax it out of my partner all sweet like

2. tease them with dirty talk and a little degrade-play

you know that meme: your son calls me mommy too?
that's what i like to do to good boys and bad boys alike
05/05/19 12:32PM
Damn Venatrix... reading all that got me rock hard... you must give amazing head.
05/21/19 10:00PM
Having a man get hard while his dick is in your mouth is such a great feeling, especially if he's super hung
05/13/23 05:16AM
sissyboy said:
Having a man get hard while his dick is in your mouth is such a great feeling, especially if he's super hung

Being one that receives head, i wanna show up "Ready" lol.
but sometimes, if it's like... y'know a hooker/stripper/buss down that's familiar with you, sometimes i don't mind being a lil' oft at the start, cuz they reeeeally see & feel it grow when they're playin' my skin flute... Err, i guess it's more so a didgeridoo.

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