11/23/18 08:00PM
First time
Everyone has a first time doing something. I'm no different I experienced my first bdsm lesson today with a transexual friend of mine (male to female) who is in the transitional period and still has a penis.

I had fun being a sub, calling her ma'am and being introduced to bdsm. She tied me up, put me in handcuffs (leather ones) and had a riding crop to slap my ass with. Unfortunately the riding crop broke and she had to use her hands but that was better, after she battered my cheeks red I sucked her most sensitive area her nipples and she sucked mine.

It was amazing and I even sucked her cock which was 6.6inches and got a titjob from her, it still feels like a dream though but I loved it.

5 hours of teasing, masturbation and blue balling. I failed no nut November but it was worth it.

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