08/01/17 11:52PM
How to upload webm?
Which tools and settings for video (VP8/VP9) and audiocodec (Vorbis/Opus) do you use?
08/02/17 01:12AM
You can just upload regular mp4 files, with h264 codex or anything and we will convert it.

Our webm's are converted to VP8 with OGG vorbis as audio. If you have webm's with these formats you can upload it and we won't convert it.

Keep in mind that if you upload a webm that's not actually a webm but just a mp4 or whatever with changed extension it won't work and we'd have to delete it.
08/02/17 03:51AM
But if I upload a webm encoded in VP9 will it be accepted?
I'd rather encode things on my own and have more control of the end product than hope your encoder makes it look acceptable.

So, does the site accept VP9/OPUS?

Edit: Made a test upload, VP9/OPUS works just fine, awesome, since they're the best webm codecs.
08/02/17 07:16AM
Get only error message

Filetype not allowed. The admin is accepting complaints regarding this right now.

An error occured. The image could not be added because it already exists or it is corrupted.

I uploadet the original, a converted vp8vorbis and vp9opus

webm converted with, all three versions with same error result
08/02/17 02:39PM
Just upload the mp4 then
08/06/17 04:52AM
Just a few quick words on converting to WebM:

Never use online converters, who knows what they do with the conversion.

For converting on your own, the foremost software right now are the following.

For converting to VP8/Vorbis you can use WebMConverter:
An easy to use interface, it can also convert to VP9/OPUS, but then it has issues with filesize accuracy, but that's really only a problem when converting for posting on chans, where you have a filesize limit.

For converting to VP9/Opus you should use Staxrip:
Not as user-friendly as webmconverter, it has a lot more room for user error, but the end results are great. It is capable of converting to several different codecs and filetypes, but only VP9 WebMs.

FFMPEG, the software that both the previous ones use to actually encode the video:
Being command-line interface the word "user-friendly" doesn't even enter into it. Capable of the highest quality video output, but you pretty much have to be a wizard to achieve it.

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