06/17/17 03:55PM
Need help finding an image (or anything, really)?

[Copied from a Sister Site.]
Can't find an image you've seen before? Use this thread to ask for help tracking it down.

1. PLEASE use this thread for ALL requests for help finding an image.
2. This thread is for requests for help finding an image. There is no guarantee that someone will be able to find the image, or even that anyone will try.
3. Likewise, do not bump the thread if you haven't gotten a response about finding your image. Your request was seen the first time. Repeating it will not make it easier to find. If we need more information to find the image, we will ask you.
4. Do not double-post. If you have another image that you would like found, and no one else has posted in the thread since your last post, edit your previous post instead of posting a new one.

1. We are not psychic. You will need to be as detailed with your description of the image you would like to find as you can possibly be.
2. This thread should be used as a last resort. Do not request help finding an image until you've already tried and failed to find it yourself.
3. You should also use this thread sparingly. If you post a request for us to find twelve different images at once, you will likely be ignored.
4. Remember IQDB. If you already have a copy of an image, and want to find out whether it already exists on the site, you can use IQDB to find out immediately without needing to wait for help. You can find IQDB here:
06/17/17 06:29PM
Okay, thanks for the information
06/20/17 08:30AM
'Guy making love to a giant snake woman.'

any help with a source or artist name would be greatly appreciated.
06/20/17 06:03PM
06/21/17 03:49AM
thank you.

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