06/06/17 10:15AM
Kik chat
Hi, i made thia thread for thebpeople that have kik and want to chat with other people,
Just put your kik name and if you want a little bio
I'll start putting mine

Kik: rocciazzo25
Im into rp/sexchat/pictrade
I like girls, traps,crossdressers
09/24/17 01:41PM
Selling my services
Message luvgaming15 if you like petite girls like me lol
09/24/17 04:12PM
Kik is White_Raiden
09/25/17 03:02AM
kik: LoliOtoko

I love fantasy and sci-fi RPs and specialize in incorporating magical concepts into erotic play. Though on kik, I'm more about dirty chat, short play, and trading pictures.(Long messages are a pain to type without a keyboard.)

I'm male and love girls, femboys, and dickgirls.

I look forward to hearing from you.~<3
09/27/17 12:17AM
Not that it matters I have one,
Red_Hood_2, ladies are welcome
10/03/17 02:37PM
10/04/17 07:59AM
kik: hardcock
I like fandom domination RP,sex slave RP,
I'm male 20 years old

I love chubby girls and cute tomboys
11/17/17 05:28PM
Pic swap
Griffin877 I have pic swap of ex GFS and one night stands if you have the same plz message me on Kik
12/08/17 12:39PM
Kik: Titan545455
I'm just a bisexual 21 year old guy who's into femboys/traps and females. Not any real special kinks, my main thing is that I love nice round asses and anal. I also love backsacks. <3 But if something seems pretty outlandish like scat, Gore, etc. It's safe to assume I'm not into it. Though, there's no harm in asking. As long as I'm not working or busy, I'm always up for a chat or whatever else.
12/25/17 12:12PM
So I'm new here and I hope this sounds right ....Hey looking for a trans, female or femboy to rp with I haven't got many ideas but want someone to rp with a lot as I'm on probably all the time. If u want to sext I'm up for that would prefer females or trans for that pm me for more details. I've got Skype and Kik both at eisa2415 would prefer to use that but can use here too. Also I can play futa or shota cause I love those types of characters, if anyone needs something like that cause I've done them before . So yeah if ur looking for a bisexual chocolate male for rp or sext I'm ur guy
01/12/18 12:29PM
I had a Kike once.I loved him like he was my soulmate.We were best friends and then lust came out of me and he blocked me.

I miss my kike.I still kike.
01/13/18 01:57AM
Never used Kik, and still don't see why I should.
02/02/18 06:09PM
Mightyfun1 is my kik. Girls, women, and shemales preffered :)
02/07/18 10:08PM
Hellow :c my kik is "HappyBoyy9" feel free to come girls x) (you'll even get a suprise if your a milf :p)
03/21/18 11:21PM
Hello there. I search for partners for erotic persona rps. Send me a pm on here if you want the list of girls and scenarios.
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