03/25/17 06:09AM
i just have to say this
i work in a restaurant and there is this guy that is a dish washer and he is a fucking jerk he plays this loud music that no one likes, he insults people behind their backs and he calls me a bitch under his breath. i just wish that he will grab one of my titties and when i look down he grabs my pony tail and jerk it back causing my head to look up and look at him then he kisses me my mind goes blank and i hear him say you like that dont you bitch, i nood, then he says do you want more and i say "yes please" so he tells me to take one of my titties out and get on my knees once i've done that he tells me to look up and i see his cock and he starts pissing on me once hes done he tells me to lick the dirty piss covered floor and after watching me do that for a little bit he puts his foot on the back of my head and says do you want to be owned and i say yes he says yes what and i say yes master then he says good girl and he gives me his address when i show up he says that from now on i'll be his dog once i hear him say that i'll say thank you master then get on all 4s lick his feet and live the rest of my life on my knees obeying my master
03/25/17 06:18AM
That's a nice fantasy
03/25/17 06:23AM
Do wish to submit that badly?
03/25/17 06:27AM
yes but just to him
03/25/17 06:32AM
Honey you'll have to be more open, what if he makes you service other men.
03/25/17 06:35AM
i'll be his obedient dog if he wants me to do something i'll do it without a thought my body will be his toy
03/25/17 06:36AM
You'll make a good slave I can already tell
03/25/17 06:42AM
thank you now if only he would use me i would send him a naughty photo of me with a message telling him all this but im a little nervous he wont like a dog bitch toy like me
03/25/17 06:44AM
If he doesn't, then he's missing out. Ask him out, then surprise him during sex, maybe something good will happen *wink*
03/25/17 06:51AM
i just sent him a message telling him about my fantasy about him and me hopefully he will use me like the dog bitch toy i want to be also i dont think a dog like me should date the one they want to obey and worship
03/25/17 06:56AM
he just replied and told me where he lives and to come over naked so im gonna go and hopefully lick the bottom of his shoes but before i go i want to say that if he knocks me up ill train our child to be his doggy bitch toy to if he wants
03/25/17 07:00AM
Good job, now go please your new master well slut
03/25/17 10:15AM
Jesus H Christ
Why do people like assholes like that and further more why is it that assholes like him always get girls that are willing to submit, fucking hell be more dominant for fuck sake, and don't be a bitch. Unless it's your fetish that's fine bit still don't go for an asshole.
03/26/17 07:02AM
last night i went to my masters house naked like i was told and while i was standing outside of his house naked waiting for my master to answer a woman answered i was embarrassed cause i thought he tricked me but it was his girlfriend and i was told she was my mistress while she was fucking me i was told i had to earn my masters cock when she was done with me i spent the rest of the night on all 4s cleaning my master and mistresses bathroom and kitchen floor with my tongue at around 5 am my master told me to get up and go home and he will have more orders at work i just got back from work and ive done as my master told me ive drugged my parents and stripped them down and im naked to waiting for my master and mistress to show up so they can use my unconscious parents or so i can use them. sucks_a_cock im a worthless bitch that has giving everything i am to my master and mistress this might be the last time im on here but i want everyone on here to know if my master or mistress orders it i will throw myself away since neither one of them should touch trash like me and zero thank you this conversation helped me send the message to my master
03/26/17 07:16AM
worthlessbitch said:


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