12/30/16 06:36AM
How to make an anime
step one draw your character
step 2 drop a spoon and name your character after the sound it makes.
step 3 make sure your character is not a nigger.
step 5 you need money so kill pet dawgs and sell dawg fwied wice.
step 6 eat cat, dog, sushi and wice.
step 7 make chinks animate your show
step eight. rant about cory in the house.
step 9 broadcast your show.
step 10 get rich off it.
12/30/16 01:46PM
Somebody, ban this troll! He's destroying our forums!
12/30/16 06:38PM
Piss off fag
12/30/16 07:06PM

be comedic, not idiotic.
12/30/16 11:40PM
sorry, i made some mistakes
gerald_broflovski said:
step 1 tell your parents your staying over a friends place
step 2 rent a hotel room
step 3 dress up like you usually when no ones around
step 4 yell at random strangers to fuck you
step 5 make sure they're all hung black jewish guys
step 6 eat as much dick as you can
step 7 swallow all the cummies
step 8. cum cory in the house.
step 9 let strangers beat up your boipussy till your ass won't stop twitching .
step 10 repeat next weekend.
12/30/16 11:58PM
ge̵rald_broflovski said:
im an imposter
12/31/16 12:00AM
this is a new low for you buddy. stop fucking yourself...
12/31/16 12:02AM
gerald_broflovski said:
gerald_broflovski said:
im an imposter

12/31/16 12:04AM
[quote]wew_lads said:
this is a new high for you buddy. good job of yourself...
12/31/16 12:06AM
gerald_broflovski said:
i love me some dark chocolate;s=list&tags=animan

jesus christ
12/31/16 12:10AM
gotta go now. stop changing my tags. i sucked off an entire black neighborhood to make that masterpiece and i don't need you meanies ruining it for me :(

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