12/12/16 10:49PM
I need some help and no this is not about hooking up with someone from this site, it's about talking to someone bit I'm nervous to do so, can anyone help me?
12/12/16 11:03PM
A website full of pervs,trolls and everything in-between.
you've come to the right place S_C.

what's going on?
12/12/16 11:22PM
Well I'm just wanting to talk to a crossdresser but I can't and need advice
12/12/16 11:30PM
wait... you mean like talking to one in real life or one of the ones here/online?
12/13/16 12:06AM
One in real life, and they don't want to stay in a boy body anymore but I find that I want them to stay in a boy body bit wear girls clothing
12/13/16 12:16AM
ah that is a tough one. mind describing your relationship? like are you two friends/acquaintances or more intimate?
12/13/16 12:25AM
Well I have tried talking to them but I get too shy and don't talk to them. But I would say we are just distant friends
12/13/16 12:37AM
it's cute that your shy, but this is gonna make it harder for you to convince them unfortunately.

Some people may joke about wanting to be a girl or getting gender reassignment surgery for attention though

is this a sudden thing or have they been thinking about MtF for a while?

12/13/16 07:53AM
They have thought about it for a while, but have not mentioned it around anyone recently.
12/13/16 10:11PM
sucks_a_cock said:
They have thought about it for a while, but have not mentioned it around anyone recently.

ok, that might be good in this case.
are they into guys or girls?

nb4"muh gender" we need to know if they could find you physically attractive. would you consider yourself their type?
12/13/16 10:41PM
Well they are attracted to males such as myself but I'm more of an introvert and I barely see this person.
12/13/16 11:06PM
for now it looks like you've got two options then.

the long, but more likely to succeed route.
step out of your comfort zone and try to get yourself closer to this person. talk to them,hang out,etc.

*if you guys have friends in common use/ask them to help you get closer.*

and option two...

just do it. get yourself hyped and go tell them you like them better as a crossdresser than a woman.

it'll most likely backfire or not have an effect at all. but the human brain works in mysterious ways.

he'll have an idea of how someone else might feel about his decisions.
or even better, might now see you as someone who finds him appealing(which hopefully will be a good thing.)

option 1 is tried and true. but as a completely random stranger you probably shouldn't trust i'd say go with option 2 ;)

jokes aside there's still stuff that needs to be known.

do they have a bf/so right now?
are you interested in them sexually or just want them to continue crossdressing?
do they CD in public or is it a private thing they've shared with you or is it something someone told/ you found out?

12/13/16 11:42PM
Well, they are not in a relationship and I want him to continue crossdressing, plus I feel aroused when near him. And they crossdress in school with everyone able to see.
12/14/16 12:00AM
must be nice at a school full of crossdressers...

jokes aside it sounds like they just said it to say it.

listen in on their conversations and if any of them are talking about sexchanges or such you may need to worry, but for now it seems you're in the clear.
12/14/16 12:02AM
Ok thanks man, I appreciate the time you spent helping me, I'll do you proud if not for one tiny obstacle
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