09/11/16 08:19AM
worst NTR idea i could come up with
ok this is bad and probably going to be deleted but here it goes.

ok, so a guy and girl have been dating for a while (long time to make them seem pure and innocent.)until they finally decide to get married.

one day while driving to work the guy is broadsided by a truck and somehow loses his junk in the accident (it's just gone...)
so now he(dickless) can't have sex with his wife whom wanted to have kids after they got married.

anyways, wife tells dickless she still loves him no matter what and that they'll always be happy together(yeah right)

the couple fall on hard times so wife has to get a job at a nearby grocery store (it's close so she walks)

things seem to be going well for dickless and his wife.

until wife becomes a little more friskier than usual and wants to have sex.
but since dickless is well.. dickless he can't do much for her(apparently marital aids aren't good enough)
so he's left feeling like less of a man and she's sexually frustrated.

eventually wife start to come home later and later and becomes increasingly distant to dickless
whom starts to have fears that she maybe cheating on him

one night wife tells dickless she has a surprise for him. she's pregnant (DUN DUN DUN HOW?!)
so dickless is pissed but horrified that his fears are true.

now... since this is a cucktale, Dickless does pretty much nothing as this big hideous fat dude(her boss/lover/stud) comes in and...

fucks her(complete with "oh you could never give me this" dialogue) in front of dickless until the dude cums knocking him out of his stupor at which point dickless runs crying from the apartment and into the night...

2 weeks later we see dickless, now a homeless vagrant.

he is noticed by a sharply dressed "yakuza" type who tells him he looks like shit but could fit a job if he got cleaned up.

desperate to have food/shelter/etc. dickless hastily agrees and suddenly finds himself working at a gay club.

dickless isn't gay, but he's too much of a cuck to stand up for himself so he's quickly raped into submission by some of the more "beefier" customers.

after a while dickless has become used to the sexual favors (bordering on addiction) and is happy to accommodate anyone looking to "impregnate his boy-pussy".
that is, until the boss shows up and decides he wants a piece of dickless's hot boypot.

once again being pretty useless, dickless is raped by boss until he likes it(because why not)
at which point boss reveals to dickless that through a long and convoluted flashback.
boss had dickless get into an accident so he could destroy his junk and any chance of dickless getting his wife pregnant.

he also tells him(complete with shitty video) how he used to have men kidnap his wife on her way to work and would rape her continuously until she became addicted to his cock (subconsciously of course) and impregnated with his child.
boss then adds that he was the one who got dickless hired at the gay bar and turned into a fucktoy/boi.

as the horror of this entire retarded plan sinks into dickless's head the boss cums in him continuously
(+5 stamina)
until dickless begrudgingly cums himself and falls to the ground covered in cum and despair.

as dickless is slipping into unconsciousness the reader finds out the entire thing was set up because wife's father had rejected boss's cousin's(sir not appearing in this shit) proposal to marry his daughter(wife) and chose dickless instead.

the end(or is it?)
wife's father receives a mysterious vcr tape in the mail on which is the very graphic raping of his daughter and dickless. horrified the old man begins to have a heart-attack as his wife enters to see him dying and the video of her daughter and son-in-law. old lady kills herself...

anyway that was my horrible bullshit story that made very little sense...

if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them, but i probably will never be back here again (hopefully)

sorry, not sorry.

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