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Xbooru FAQ (Please read this before making topics about site)
I decided to start an FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) here, since it tells it like it is, straight up, if you have a question not on here, feel free to go to My Account>My Mail and mail Kielan your question.

1. I have a great idea to make the site better, why don't you? why don't you let us remove anon comments?? etc etc..

Copyrighted software that runs this site cannot be modified by us, it's against the agreement with Gelbooru, we are hoping to have our own software eventually, but this is a long and costly process.

What do you guys have against loli/shota?? why don't you remove all of it? don't you allow it since you leave some behind?

Please read:

TL:DR Ads = money to run the site, loli/shota = no more ads because advertisers don't like it, no money = no more Xbooru nothing is really free, nothing.

Why don't you remove some loli/shota or other not allowed images?

Well could be many reasons, could be that some characters are drawn as older teens etc and are not loli/shota, could be we haven't gotten around to that porn yet, could be we missed something, either way it absolutely means we don't discriminate against a certain character/genre, that's just crazy, why would we do that? :), we are just slowly removing all the loli/shota because we don't have many staff.

Why don't you stop anons from doing bad things? why not stop them having rights to do anything?

Anons make up the majority of the site, the majority of them cause no problems at all, it would be incredibly unwise to punish them all because of the actions of the few.

There are literally a small handful of people downvoting, flagging for lol's, or trolling, they only do it because people rise to the bait, if you ignore them, they get bored and move on, the more your rage, the more they are happy, so stop, it's not worth your time and I ban troll feeders because feeding obvious trolls with your attention and getting angry at them is so incredibly hmm futile? senseless? stupid? idiotic? ridiculous? all of those really...

We cannot change the site software to more strictly deal with anons and even if we could we probably would not, the voting system needs to be free of interfierence by the staff, we can only cast our vote, that's it, we vote up people unjustly voted down, you should too.

We also remove anon comments which are trolls or insulting etc, so flag them as spam and help the site, by doing this, you too can make a difference!

Why did you ban me? I didn't do anything! I can get past the ban you know!?

Unless you upload CP or todderkon, or do something really bad you wont be banned instantly, this means you will get a warning in the mail telling you exactly what you are doing wrong, you can choose to ignore it, but when you find yourself permanently banned, you have only yourself to blame and yes you did do something wrong if you got banned, Samual l Jackson: "YES YOU DID!"

You can get past any ban really, but whatever you do is undone by quick easy clicks, if you want to give me something to do that's cool, but your wasting 10 times your life than I am :)

Please zero vote scores?, they have been abused

No one has official access to alter the vote scores that includes the staff, the majority of which are honest votes, some are abused sure and it's up to every one of us to upvote those that have been wrongfully downvoted, that is all we can do.

The worst thing we can do is talk about the issue in the comments (this is why those comments get nuked, those making them are making the problem worse!), most of them don't get seen even until they are reported and even then there is nothing we can do, so all that comments about the problem do is encourage more vote abuse by giving the trolls attention, they don't seem to get how vote trolling works, the only way to win is to ignore it and upvote.

What's going on with certain characters /fetishes getting downvoted?

The answer is very simple and very boring, when you have a few people who don't like something, like a certain character/fetish, they find ways to manipulate the system so it looks like the character is hated, even though they are not, there are no magical bots involved, if there where it would be in the hundreds.

But yeah talking about it solves nothing and encourages the losers, hence those comments about them get removed.

Can you delete/change name my account? Can you delete all my uploads?

Go to My account>my mail and sento: Kielan make sure you title it account deletion or name change, if you want a name change, be sure to include the new name.

Send the site mail and it will be removed in a few days.

As for ulploads, you may notice there is no deletion tool, this is because this is not imagur, this is not deviant art, this is an porn archive, for long term storage of porn, if you want to remove everything you need to have good reason to like copyright etc, to remove everything you have to email: [email protected] and give a good reason for removing your content and no just being the account holder is not enough reason, either your images need to violate our terms of service, or you are the copyright holder in which case you normally prove yourself to be by linking to the images on your site or showing a work in progress shot.

I see something that is against the terms of service, why do you allow it?

Just because something 'disallowed' happens and nothing happens to stop it right away, does not mean it is 'allowed' it means it has not been discovered yet, remember this in all things in life, because if you think something is allowed because it has not been stopped yet, you will end up getting banned from places, or worse becoming a criminal, if you think it is alright to steal because a cop didn't catch you right away, it's the same stupid thought process etc etc you get the point.

Images get missed due to the time of day, how many eyeballs are watching out for tos violating images, human error, etc etc.

There are many reasons why stuff gets missed.

Hopefully after reading this you will know for all time:

"Just because something is against the terms of service has not been removed yet, does not automatically mean it is 'allowed'." same with any rules.

It may have been missed! (or maybe it's not against the ToS and you think it is) and it's an awesome thing for you guys to report it, using the flag for deletion link when you view an image or next to someones comment, giving a good reason there and reporting the image/comment, it helps so much and we really appreciate it! bare in mind if it doesn't get removed after reporting, an Admin has decided it's not in violation of the terms and can stay.

You have every right to ask via mail why it wasn't removed, but please refer to a specific image/comment and not be massively vague and ask 'why are images in general are not getting removed??', we need to know to what you are referring to. Thanks!

What is loli/shota?

Any state of undress, sexual pose, sexual activity containing images of children or young teens that is non photographic is loli/shota (photgraphic/video would get you instantly perm banned and reported naturally).

Our advertisers don't want to see images of drawn/animated kids or young teens next to their advertisements for obvious reasons, we will abide by their terms of service because we need money to exist.

Fictitious age does not matter, because it's made up, we only care how old they look in the image, sometimes a set of images can have the character looking old enough, then the artist draws them younger and we have to remove that one, this is where people get confused, don't be confused, just look at the image and think "does this look like a child or young teen?"

As for age, if you are not good at judging age go for 18 or older, there is a grey area from 16-18 that most people tread quite well, some uploaders have no clue and they should stick to 18 or older to avoid getting banned.

Subjects who are anthro animals are allowed providing they are not too human like, animals are not loli/shota.


You say this is loli but the character age is 17!

Character age does not tell us how old the character 'appears' to be, an artist can draw the character one age in one image and another age in another image, it all depends on, "how old does this character look in this image?"

Japanese producers often give their characters much older age's than they look like, often characters that look like 13 year olds are given the fictitious age of 17-18, that is meaningless to us, to law enforcement, to advertisement, why? because if the character looks younger than their supposed age then they are not that age! it's just something made up, some loli vampires are hundreds of years old, should we allow those because they are over 18? NO for obvious reasons!

Ask yourself, what age really does this character appear to be? if they look like a young teen or child, then they are loli/shota and will be removed as such, simple!


Why do you remove and ban people who post personal or commercial links? you have no rule against this

Those posting personal or commercial links are often doing it for personal or financial promotion, we consider this spam, it is alright to use the source link to link to original content, but never to commercial sites.

It is not in the ToS no but many things we do are not, it is simply common sense that we do not allow spam and that if we allowed everyone to post their own personal sites and commercial sites where they get paid, the website would be nothing but links.

Why do you remove personal pics and are inconsistent etc

Because if there is too many pics zoomed super in too far on a penis or just an anus for example, how can you determine how old the subject is from part of an anatomy? also if we receive complaints that it is blurry, poorly lit or the image quality is too low we may have to remove it.

As for what we missed, that cannot be helped as humans are not machines and it certainly does not prove inconsistency, it merely proves we miss things since we are not a pay site, we will certainly get to them if they are reported.


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