03/31/16 01:30AM
Old school video games vs Modern video games
Old school games are better. Bioshock, perfect dark, goldeneye, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, etc.
03/31/16 01:34AM
I'm with both sides honestly.
03/31/16 06:35AM
Fluttershys_Bitch said:
I'm with both sides honestly.

On the same boat as you
04/02/16 03:39PM
love the modern stuff. but have admit some of the old games are amazing ledgend of zelda, super mario bros, tmnt, the list goes on
05/23/16 04:10AM
Modern stuff is good in my opinion. Arcade games and such were merely levels and scores, that was good in its own era. Now adays you needs more then that to get a audience but they are still valued.
05/25/23 08:26PM
I am an old school gamer who grew up on the Super Nintendo and played games like Star Fox, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2, Power Rangers The Fighting Edition, etc, and I also like to play Tekken.
06/06/23 08:24PM
leans more towards older games but there are still a lot of new indie games like POSTAL Brain Damaged and Nexomon so it's a tough choice
07/04/23 10:42PM
Modern video games haven't been as appealing as of late, maybe I haven't ran into some good indie ones. But You can only inovate so much in video games, innovation, creativity, new concepts are all important, but if the game is buggy and doesn’t perform well or run smoothly then why bother? Old games usually dont have any problems with gameplay, they have a problem with graphics, which in my opinion don’t really matter because at the end of the day it’s a video game

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