11/21/15 06:33PM
Pokémon Vs. Kaiju: Pokémon Big Battel!
(Charchomp, Eruption, and Coreruption (he's an alternate personality of Eruption, but he has his own body, despite being from Eruption's own consciousness and mind)) Hello, all! Welcome, to PBB, or... Pokémon Big Battel! Today, the most well known monsters of Kaiju Big Battel, and some new monsters, are duking it out with Pokémon themselves! We, along with The Kaiju Commissioner, have set up this tournament to see who is the best of the best, and to see who are the better fighters! Will we, the Pokémon, be the winners and defeat them, or will the Kaiju be the victors? Let's find out!

(www.kaiju.com/bios.htm Choose your opponent wisely. And yes, those that have been pronounced dead are available, as I will allow them to be brought back from the dead, thankfully, not as a Zombie.)
05/03/17 06:57PM
Why can't it be modern kaiju?
05/03/17 07:56PM
The old 1970s-1990s ones can't really be classified as kaiju now, besides, the website didn't even have Godzilla, Godzilla has been dubbed king of the monsters for a god damned reason, that website must be updated to include the modern kaiju!
05/04/17 03:24AM
"Now then, where was I..."

"ah that's right, Commandeering this thread for giant monster high jinks"

"An all-out brawl seems highly unlikely to last like it would in any kaiju film, but should we really limit the kaiju to 4 moves?"

"we'll probably need profiles for each as well."

05/04/17 03:47AM
Yeah, kaiju films usually follow a rule, it's either 1v1 or 1v2, shall we use modern kaiju? At least they'll have a wiki page so we can see their moves
05/04/17 04:42AM
"I don't see why not. though we should probably limit the amount of irradiated godzillasaurs. Don't want a monster-sized case of 'who's on first'."
05/04/17 04:48AM
Godzilla is just the most famous Kaiju, and not all kaiju are Godzilla rip offs, the question is: do we use 2014 Godzilla, I vote yes
05/04/17 04:56AM
"what I'm saying is you can have legend-goji, but lets limit toho-goji to just one."

"we could also include tri-goji(zilla) and shin-goji."

"while we're on the topic of godzilla I'd like to bring up the mecha versions. I think MG-1, MG-2 and 'Kiryu' should be included as well."

05/04/17 05:11AM
2014 Godzilla was mainly American, but bigger and beefier, he also didn't just destroy everything to kill another kaiju, but the MG-2 and 'Kiryu' have an attack that ensures the match will be a draw, MG-2 has the maser cannons and has ridiculously overpowered armour, and kiryu was equipped with the absolute zero cannon, the absolute zero cannon is the literal definition of overkill, if it lands a shot on Godzilla, no matter which Godzilla, he's dead, the MG-1 is iffy at best
05/04/17 05:25AM
wait... are we doing this like an RP (we play as the monsters) or just spitballing a game?
05/04/17 06:12AM
Either or
05/04/17 11:20PM
But what about other kaiju, should we include some kaiju from Pacific Rim?
05/06/17 12:04AM
Should we add Gipsy Danger as an ally to fight against the kaiju? It would make the choice of who you're choosing a bit more interesting
05/06/17 09:34AM
Depends. are we keeping the pokemon aspect or making it strictly kaiju related?
05/06/17 08:24PM
We can add some legendary Pokemon to the roster, mind you they have to be big, Legendary Pokemon like Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, that kind of size, but I think the roster should be a mishmash of characters
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