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Hey guys i need helpstarblind956 years agooGtRaMmAsTeR4201
Just Curious but how many Girls or Gay/Bisexual guys visit Xbooru?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney235
Why are there so many Anonymous users around?davehytmen6 years agodavehytmen5
more user and more beauty picture unknowmoney236 years agounknowmoney235
real quick survey about pubic hairstarblind956 years agoGayboy9213
Annoying Ads and sound overlaysAcer6 years agoalaron2
alaron a requestoGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agodavehytmen27
Why exactly is the Tagging so horrid on Xbooru?davehytmen6 years agoalaron3
march madness? not basketballstarblind956 years agounknowmoney232
In regard to the +story tag and the long comments.alaron6 years agoalaron1
finally site imporvenment!oGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agodavehytmen41
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Delete_Me, Not_Porn, Flag_For_deletion, ectdavehytmen6 years agounknowmoney2365
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GayPride is my masterstarblind956 years agombausek5
are any of the other gay/ bisexuals mad about the current hate on the site?starblind956 years agodavehytmen8
starblind95 GayPride6 years agounknowmoney234
APIProger_XP6 years agounknowmoney232
what the hellJFK6 years agoN/A0
Can someone deal with this "Trolololo" Anonymous users?davehytmen6 years agombausek3
Honest Questiondavehytmen6 years agounknowmoney234
need helpgringos6 years agoN/A0
I have a question,please help?oGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agounknowmoney237
What could we do to make this a better Porn forum?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney239
Gamer talk and porn talk and stuffThe_Anonymous26 years agoLockhart_Lover1526
Slow to update tags?BattleMistress6 years agoLockhart_Lover1513
Mrs. Lockhart reboot.Lockhart_Lover156 years agoLockhart_Lover155
ATTENTION: davehytmen & unknowmoney23RacistPig6 years agoGayboy9214
figured I'd make this into a threaddavehytmen6 years agounknowmoney234
Lets see, we're up to about ten non porn pictures from Racistpig & The Anonymous2 is once again fucking with tagsdavehytmen6 years agodavehytmen11
Hire me or other as Adminwuulee6 years agounknowmoney2324
ReprintTeamGambit6 years agodavehytmen1
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UserJFK6 years agounknowmoney233
Seriously, What in the blue hell is it with the growing amount of Child porn?davehytmen6 years agoDaveHyneman16
Can we get rid of the user Lolzdavehytmen6 years agoN/A0
figured I'd make this into a threadDaveHyneman6 years agoRacistPig13
SuperBoreFuckYou6 years agoPats18
who here has had gay teenager sexGayboy9216 years agounknowmoney2317
HiFuturePedo6 years agoGayboy92121
userbasefootlover6 years agosaixak9
Why does this site ultimately suck so horrible?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney238