Date Apr 15, 2015User homerjysimpsonRating QuestionableScore 12(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 14:21:41
>> #281006
I'm just tring to decide what I want to play with.
2015-04-19 10:18:27
>> #172880
Let them look Marge, let them look.
2017-09-02 14:17:39
>> #281003
The little nymph has beat up and tied up the big titted woman. And now comes torture time to her big sex organs!
Date Apr 21, 2015User homerjysimpsonRating ExplicitScore 1(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 14:16:36
>> #281002
Ned I hope your not doing anything I need a man I'll be right over.
2015-04-21 16:57:47
>> #173182
"Of course I'm naked. I wouldn't say I was naked if I wasn't naked. So here I am lying on my bed naked and I have my favorite dildo, the big one with the balls, and I spread my legs apart. Can you picture me? I trimmed my bush a little, but not too much because you like blue pussy. I'm putting the dildo in now only I'm thinking about your magnificent cock. Ohhhh, it feels so good, but it would be better if it was your big, hard cock. Are you there? I didn't hear anything for a minute. So I'm putting the dildo in farther and farther and now it's all the way in. Mmmmm.
Date Nov 7, 2015User DarthDaniel96Rating ExplicitScore 28(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 14:08:19
>> #281001
Come on doesn't anyone want to help me?
2016-06-26 18:54:04
>> #237680
- (Marge): [in her sexiest voice] " Oh Homer"
- Here Marge is pulling out all the stops in the battle of the sexes war.
- It's called the 'Think sex and you really want to do me' battle strategy that never fails to side track and subdue the male and make him admit defeat after 'doing her' by say the famous words of male capitulation: "Yes Dear".
2015-11-08 05:47:58
>> #204921
If I walked in on that, I don't think I could resist fucking her. Over and over.
2015-11-08 03:27:13
>> #204909
Hottest Marge I've seen in a long time. I want sloppy seconds!
2017-09-02 14:06:16
>> #281000
How do you like that do you want more?
2015-11-10 22:12:36
>> #205821
undersize head otherwise meh!!
Date Dec 1, 2015User JaczekRating ExplicitScore 16(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 13:55:36
>> #280998
Bart I see you like my new outfit.
2016-06-25 21:58:17
>> #237613
- (Marge): "OK, you know the routine. It's Saturday. Homer's at Moe's all day. Lisa is at the riding stables geting her Jollies with Midnight. And Maggie and Yelper are being watched over at my sisters. And your are stuck with the chore of give my kingsze mattress its weekend poundimg. Are you OK with that?"
- (Bart): Yup! For you Mom its always a pleasure. As you can see I got the equipment all set up and ready to go!"
- (Marge): You better have a week's supply stored in them big balls, son. Because at the end when I'm ready to crack, and my pussy is milking you. I expect a real hot gusher to send me to 'the Promised Land'."
- (Bart): "I've been true and ready all week. Not to worry Mom, consider it a done deal."
- (Marge): "Splendid! Let me slip under you and you into me. And rock my boat!"
2015-12-02 03:29:15
>> #209151
Bart's fucking eyes, my sides.
2015-12-01 18:28:20
>> #209099
Marge : eh Bart baby ... My tits are full with milk. Can you suck it out? I will suck you out too baby
2017-09-02 13:55:25
>> #280997
Holy shit! Minstrel show porn?! What?! How is she ok with this?? Holy shit! This is weird!!
Date Oct 14, 2012User ellampalliRating ExplicitScore 12(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 13:47:58
>> #280996
"You need to be more...flexible!"
Date Dec 5, 2015User toonhunterRating ExplicitScore 7(vote up/down)
2017-09-02 13:41:50
>> #280995
So what do you think did the Dr. do a good jop?
2017-09-02 11:20:01
>> #280990
I love to stroke my cock to naked pictures of Miley.
2014-07-11 04:14:50
>> #138257
Fake of Miley when she was still hot

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