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2019-05-21 10:28:33
>> #333787
I think Tiger Lily is in the buff
because she just felt like
being naked.
2019-05-20 22:29:11
>> #333761
So, just when do all the DAVID JONES comments/self-promotions/advertisements become considered SPAM, more than just mild irritations ?
2019-05-20 19:38:18
>> #333754
My David Jones character is what's called a East Indian because
India's his motherland.
2019-05-20 03:29:51
>> #333673
I wonder what native American tribe Tiger Lily belongs to.
Date May 20, 2019User Mr.SwatRating ExplicitScore 5(vote up)
2019-05-21 09:23:01
>> #333786
LOL! Lois realizes, she's not as loose as she thought she was. That is, not with Chris. Very nice!
2019-05-21 09:18:52
>> #333785
Must have missed that scene back in the day
2019-05-21 09:15:21
>> #333784
As Bart lay back naked on the Super-King sized bed, his hands behind his head and a big grin on his face a nude Meg lowered herself down onto his large erection until it was all the way inside her up to his balls!
She glanced sideways to see a nude Hayley doing the same thing to a naked Milhouse's as he lay next to them, he reached up and squeezed Hayley's bare breasts, ohhhh that feels so good inside, Meg said as Bart reached up and began to do the same to her breasts, I couldn't agree more, said Hayley!!
As the girls rode the two cocks good and hard Brian was having a fun time too, he lay on the soft carpet, as the twins Sherri and Terri took turns sucking and licking his erect cock and balls, he looked from one beautiful trim naked body to the other, but there was no way to tell them apart, finally a nude Lisa straddled his head and carefully lowered herself down so he could use his tongue on her wet, shaved pussy and ass, a pleasure he would be all to happy to bestow on the twins later!!
Brian thought, what a good thing I picked Lisa up in that bar the other night, me and the girls are so damned lucky she has such an accommodating brother and friends!!!
2019-04-14 11:42:06
>> #330880
Sherri lay back on the bed naked with her legs wide apart, an equally nude Terri knelt and explored Sherri's pussy with her tongue while working a wet finger up her sisters ass!
Terri wished she had a dollar for every time she had been here, she'd be a millionaire, they had started to have sex with each other at the age of ten, when their breasts had just started to bud!!
Her bare bottom was stuck up in the air as their naked mutual boyfriend Bart rode her ass good and hard with his surprisingly large cock, just how she liked it!!
Yes, she thought, life just doesn't get any better then this!!!
2019-04-06 06:25:23
>> #330185
Glenn Quagmire quietly opened the door and tip toed in, he could see the bed in the moon light!
He stood there naked, his penis fully erect in anticipation of the erotic delights to come!
He pulled the sheet off the bed the climbed on and lay face down on top off the figure there, he could feel the full length of the body with his bare skin!
Oh Sherri he whispered, you feel wonderful, he could tell she was as naked as him, the shaft of his erection was pressed up against her moist slit and he could feel her ample breasts and erect nipples pressed against his bare chest!
He kissed her, pushing in his tongue to explore her mouth, then she did the same to him, he then slid down and took turns sucking both of her nipples, then getting into position he lifted up his hips and using his hand to guide his penis in by feel he entered her hairless pussy!
He thrust in up to his balls then started to pump away, getting deeper, harder and faster with each stroke, missionary was not his favorite position, he preferred doggie style or cowgirl, but it sure as hell was better then nothing!
After a while he pulled back, allowing her to turn over and stick up her bare bottom!!
Alright, he said quietly as he slid all the way into her anus, how's this suite you Sherri, he said as he leaned forwards and grabbed her swinging breasts as he fucked her ass good and hard, the only reply he got was a quite moan of pleasure, he gave her tits a good hard squeeze as his thrusting got harder, he could feel her erect nipples pressing into his palms!!
With a grunt and final thrust he pumped his cum up her ass, by now he was panting from the effort and his naked body was covered in sweat, he lay down beside her to get his breath back, his now limp sticky cock lay across one thigh!!
A bed side light came on, he looked up to see a second bed with another girl laying on it, she sat up and the sheet slid down to her waist exposing her breasts which she made no effort to cover!!
With a smile she said, am Sherri that's my sister Terri you just fucked, saying this she pulled the sheet off the bed, she too was completely nude!!
Glenn looked from one girl to the other, they were physical identical, wow, thought Glenn, I've never fucked identical twins before!!
I hope you've got enough left for me, said Sherri, and leave the light on, said the now sexually sated Terri, I want to watch!!
Glenn looked down at his penis, it was sticking up again good and hard, ready for a second round of action, don't worry about that, said Glenn as he got off one bed and climbed onto the other, I don't call this little fella Lazarus for nothing!!!
2019-05-21 09:12:20
>> #333783
Two of the biggest sluts you will ever see
2019-05-21 06:32:02
>> #333781
A naked Milhouse, his cock standing proud and erect, grunts with pleasure as Brian penetrates his anus with his is own erection, sliding it in as far as the knot, standing behind Brian a naked Bart does the same to again to Brian!
Ohhhh, said Brian, no wonder Pierre felt so fucking lucky, this feels amazing, you guys will have to take turns trying this out!!
Don't worry, said Bart, we both already have, with Lisa's ass!!
The bedroom door is open and around it peek a grinning Meg, Hayley and Lisa, like the boys they don't have a stitch between them!!
After a while they go to the next bedroom, oh well boys will be boys, it's good to see them sharing their toys, said Lisa as she climbs on the bed and parts her legs wide, exposing her wet, shaved pussy, now how about girls will be girls, neither Meg or Hayley replies, they just smile and open a couple of draws full of dildos, vibrators and various sex toys!!
As I said, said Lisa selecting then sliding a large vibrator as far up her pussy as it will go, then turning it on to full power while Meg at the same time slid a dildo up her ass, ohhhh it's nice to share toys!!!
2019-05-18 06:47:08
>> #333570
Steve grunted with effort and pleasure as he forced his cock as far as it would go up Brian's ass, it's so tight, even tighter then Debbies ass, he had his arms around Brian's waist and squeezes hard as he thrusts away in Brian's anus!
Panting hard Brian gasps, Steve I love the feel of your cock, but for fucks sake ease off, I can't breath, your supposed to be butt fucking me, not giving me a Heimlich Maneuver!!!
2019-05-14 17:36:13
>> #333206
Brian knelt and gazed at the bare bottom in front of him, it was so lovely in its curvaceousness, he unconsciously licked his lips in anticipation of where his tongue and cock would be shortly going!
The naked girl twisted around and said, don't worry it won't bite you, sorry, said Brian, but your ass is just so lovely to look at!!
I was hoping you'd do more then just look at it, she replied, he parted her ass cheeks and began licking her anus, the girl clinched her bottom giggling, ohhh that tickles, she said!!
How about this, he said, he gentle poked the tip of his canine tongue into her anus then slid in it's long length as far in as it could go, Oh my god that feels amazing, she said, funny, thought Brian, Meg, Hayley and Lois all said the same thing the first time I did it to them!!
Standing he said, and now for the main course, the girl was already bending so he slid in his erection all the way to its base, he leaned forwards clasping both of her beautiful breasts and gentle squeezed them, they felt so warm and soft their hard nipples pressed into his palms, nothing in the world felt quite like nice pair of breasts!!
He kissed her back, grabbed her waist and started to pump her ass, yes, yes, yes, yes, screamed the girl every time he thrust inside her harder and harder, yes, yes, yes, don't stop Bart, don't stop!!
He carried on until he was panting heavily and the girl was covered in sweat, he gave out a loud grunt and pumped his seed deep into her ass!!
They lay side by side on the bed, just relaxing, Brian puffed away at his post-sex cigarette, the only time he smoked, so who is Bart if you don't mind my asking, he said, ohhh did I say that, sorry it just slipped out, said the girl, it really annoys Milhouse my boyfriend when I say it while we're fucking, which is strange as their best friends, he's my brother!!
Brian looked around at her startled, what wait a minute you mean you've fucked your bother!!
Oh don't sweat it, she said casually, it happens in the best of familys, he was my first lover, one hot summer night when my breasts were just starting to bud, one naked body climbed into bed with another naked body and it just began from there!!
So basically he raped you, said Brian, no, no, said the girl, you've got it backwards, I climbed naked into his bed, and at first he was very reluctant to do anything with me, even after I kissed him and pressed his hand against my hard nipples and wet pussy, but fortunately his cock had a mind of its own, after I have him a blow job for some strange reason he changed his mind, I was very, very advanced for my age!!
Talking of cocks I see it's time for round two, she said, Brian looked down the length of his body and was surprised to see a second erection, the girl drew up and parted her legs wide, she pulled apart her slit exposing the very moist, red interior, now let's see what you can do with that amazing tongue of yours followed by that fantastic cock!!
You don't have to ask twice, he said getting in position to go down on her gorgeous pussy, but you never did tell me your name, smiling in anticipation of the pleasures to come she merely said, oh just call my Lisa!!!
2019-04-25 05:33:52
>> #332106
Meg drifts awake, she can feel the cool morning air on her naked body, the top sheet has been pulled away, something wet and warm is doing wonderful things in between her spread legs!
She yawns and stretches, the head of her wife Hayley pops up and she says, morning sleepy head, don't forget we've got that got that appointment later, then she kisses both of Meg's nipples!!
I won't, says Meg, sliding out of bed, both nude and holding hands they head for the shower, like most mornings!!
Having your pussy eaten, what a wonderful way to be woken, thinks Meg, if only they invented an alarm clock that could do that!!!
2019-04-20 05:01:44
>> #331522
Meg was just standing in the back yard, face held up and eyes closed enjoying the feel of the sun of high summer beating down on her naked body!
Then she could feel someone press up against her from behind, two furry hands reached around and started to fondle her naked breasts, while she was kissed on her neck, and she could feel an erect penis pressed against her bare bottom!!
Ohhhhhh that feels so nice Brian, she said smiling as his hands worked all over her breasts and his kissing got more and more passionate, and she meant it, it was very, very nice, very romantic, but what a pity he has to stand on a wooden box to do it, she secretly thought!!!
2019-05-21 04:52:58
>> #333779
i wouldn't mind a nice hard bunny fuck from a sweet girl~
2014-01-10 20:36:27
>> #117632
Needs another saucelink.
2012-09-16 09:07:30
>> #59972
2011-04-27 18:58:27
>> #14999
Anon4, you know who Sasha Grey is but *this* is the portion of her work that bothers you?
2011-04-20 07:47:03
>> #14670
Was that Sasha Grey ? I knew she was a whore but this ? This is just fucked up.
2019-05-21 04:41:35
>> #333778
She looks so defeated with pleasure
2019-04-30 00:24:02
>> #332408
talk about grinding her way into lesbianism and bisxuality
2019-04-29 19:38:34
>> #332366
gosh that lady that dani just scissored aint gonna b straight anymore

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