02/07/12 10:36PM
Hire me or other as Admin
Im a big fan of the site. And its very nice to come here since its all in one place. But some users are abusing or trying to bring this site down. I always check at least once a day (i'm sure others do). should give limited admin rights, at least deletion privileges for flagged pictures.
02/07/12 10:39PM
Same Here, I actually run a Booru. Message me for the site-
I'd be a better Admin then the ones running this site, I'd get rid of abusing users like Anonymous_2, Racistpig, Futurepedo, Davehymen, Lolz, Goopy and others of the like.
02/07/12 10:40PM
^ like you could actually run a site. Dumb shit
02/07/12 10:43PM
Thus the reason, I'm Admin of one and it is doing better then this site. Mainly because Clones like you would be banned in an instant... Now Piss Off.
02/07/12 10:47PM
^doing much better than this site, yeah right. Is that why you're constantly on here and always making topic about child porn being posted on here. If you actually run a booru, you wouldn't be here or even worry about that shit. Nice try though
02/07/12 10:49PM
Mind explaining me, why I wouldn't be?
I have an account here, I'm known around here. Why wouldn't I check this site out, Comment, Vote and make threads on this Site simple because I run one myself?
02/08/12 03:02AM
what a dick
i would like to vote davehytmen to be our admin someday
02/08/12 03:29AM
I don't care who the Admin is, as long as he remove all those goddamn child porn pictures
02/08/12 04:01AM
^ thats the point
02/08/12 04:06AM
honestly guys?
i know that the tensions have been high because of all the rants that have been going on,
tram pararam duplicates
child porno
facebook pics,
but honestly some people do like that kind of stuff. im not saying whether or not i believe it should be taken down or not but what is clear, is that alot of people are getting mad. i dont believe that recruiting more admins or mods will help. thank you for your time
02/08/12 04:18AM
how would hiring more admins or mods not help. Look at danbooru, they have 2 Admins, 5 mods and like a bunch of janitors. They are a no nonsense group. You try to upload cp, other crappy pictures or dick around in the comment section you are literally gone, no strike three or anything. Xbooru is too lenient(sp?). Sure there is a Terms of Service but nobody is going to follow them if people don't physically try to prevent that. I say hire 2-3 mods and see how that works out
02/08/12 12:57PM
i understand that some admins and mods would be helpful yes, but the thing is we dont need random users to be them. the people who should become mods and admins should be people who have proved them selves and bring peace to the site, not people who rage about things and believe they are right. im not saying all the people on here are like that, but we cant have people who just rage in the comments if they dont like something... which is what im seeing
02/08/12 01:39PM
Hey we do need someone I heard horror was admin and he quits that all i heard from last year and they said they looking for another person to take over
02/08/12 11:32PM
^davehytmen, as admin? really? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
02/08/12 11:36PM
*Titls head to the side* Oh really?
So, Explain to me "Gayboy921" why wouldn't I make a good Admin my own site that I run is doing quite well. Though it could because I don't allow people to fuck with tags, of ironically enough for you homosexuality with "Delete_Me", "Remove_This", "Faggot" ect. So tell me, why wouldn't I make a good Admin? State your claim sunshine...
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