02/07/12 06:10AM
Seriously, What in the blue hell is it with the growing amount of Child porn?
Are the Admins even paying the fuck attention, don't claim it isn't child porn. "Children Models" are still CHILD PORN, specially since half of them on here are in bikinis and nude. Do I have to get in the obvious legal situations here? You Sick Pedophile Fucks can go jack yourself off a cliff, Troll or Not. Your still Utterly Pathetic Human Waste, Now piss off and stop uploading that bullshit.
02/07/12 06:13AM
wow you're bitching in the forum and in the comment section. That time of the month huh
02/07/12 06:16AM
Well, at least I'm not Trolling this website like a tool sunshine
I'm just pointing out the obvious, Child Porn = Illegal. Shouldn't be here, so why isn't the Admin doing something! As for you "RacistPig", I Assure you that I'm not Bitching. I'm simple stating the obvious here, but if you want to post more bullshit. I will see if I can be a son of a bitch to you... Now as I repeatedly said Piss off.
02/07/12 06:31AM
why are you only concentrating on child porn. Bestiality is also illegal on here. There are 107 pages worth of them while there's like what 1-5 pages max of child porn and you seem to focus more on child porn.
02/07/12 06:39AM
Sure, I took notice of those.
There hasn't been much Bestiality posts lately, besides the disgusting post of the guy fucking a dog.... =_=" Which got deleted. Fine, so it's up to Why is there so much Bestiality and Child porn on here. Anything else, Sir Pig?
02/07/12 11:19AM
There's honestly very little that can be gained from complaining to a bunch of mods/admins that aren't paying attention.

If you're feeling that offended by it, report the site.

I think it's disgusting, personally, and I'm hoping the mods wake up eventually. Otherwise I'll probably end up reporting the site myself. There's nothing here that I can't find anywhere else.
02/07/12 03:07PM
If there are any sites linked in the pictures themselves report those as well. (Like lsmodels.com)
02/07/12 09:39PM
i'm back bitches
02/07/12 09:43PM
^ stfu, we don't care
02/07/12 09:46PM
who look talking u shut up
02/07/12 09:49PM
Great Two more Child Pornagraphy posts
Flag to Delete those would you all please, Vote them down as well...
02/07/12 09:57PM
can somebody please tell davehytmen making all these topic is fucking useless. If you really want to delete these child porn pictures you must email the Admin/mod directly
02/07/12 10:06PM
Oh, look it's my clone.
Didn't I tell you to piss off?
02/07/12 10:11PM
^ Now now didn't your parents tell you to respect your elder
02/07/12 10:15PM
what a fucking waste of time let easer this whole fucking site or edit it
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