01/26/12 12:35AM
Honest question about Xbooru
Why can't people work so this can be an actual worth while fapping environment? The tagging is terrible, people don't even follow the guideline rules and get away with it "Tagme" isn't Five Tags. It isn't hard to Tag something correctly if your going to upload it, I've grown tired of having to hit Random just to view something fap worthy because the only tag on it is "Tagme".

Also I'm tired of everything that doesn't get agreed with by someone getting edited as "None porn", "Delete me" "Pathetic" ect. Why don't we mature a bit and realize Trolling this site is pointless, specially since it's a F'n Porn site!
01/26/12 03:33AM
we need a plan about this?
this is pathetic!! Dave, alot of picture we have on here keep on repeating n repeating i believe it not the picture it the people who hate each other
01/26/12 03:49AM
since davehytmen doesn't want me, how about you unknowmoney23, ever been pleasured by a women before?
01/26/12 04:18AM
i pleasure a woman alot of time phatgirl how about it

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