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Flash Support?anon_X6 years agoanon_X10
this is bullshit -__-oGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agoalaron6
Why are people so Anti-Comment?davehytmen6 years agoanon_X2
Are you a flaming homosexual?slayerduck6 years agoperestroika22316
I have a question, once again about anonymous users & Blacklist (locked)davehytmen6 years agoalaron31
Can't seem to upload any pics.Greedwell6 years agoslayerduck1
Can some one upload some john person art?Justincredible_____6 years agoN/A0
Where exactly are the TOS?Milkbot6 years agoalaron5
Is there any other Homosexual Justin Bieber fan out there?JustinBieberGayfan6 years agoGayboy9214
Does anyone wish the Search Engine was a little more Defined?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney236
Who would like to see this become more a community rather then a blink town?davehytmen6 years agoalaron4
New booru, this one is for PORN onlyACLOM6 years agounknowmoney234
People do realize "Tagme" isn't an actual tag correct?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney2311
Searching the Artist of this fox.MeowXd6 years agounknowmoney2314
Thus being exactly what I have been commenting aboutdavehytmen6 years agoalaron23
Just a curious question for the Adminsdavehytmen6 years agoalaron1
don't panic about uploads and such missingslayerduck6 years agoalaron2
How can we get this site more Regular User Friendly? (Tips for Alaron)davehytmen6 years agoalaron3
how old where you when you first masturbated?starblind956 years agounknowmoney232
request???unknowmoney236 years agoN/A0
Alias requestsGayboy9216 years agoGayboy9218
Repostsalaron6 years agodavehytmen7
Hey guys i need helpstarblind956 years agooGtRaMmAsTeR4201
Just Curious but how many Girls or Gay/Bisexual guys visit Xbooru?davehytmen6 years agounknowmoney235
Why are there so many Anonymous users around?davehytmen6 years agodavehytmen5
more user and more beauty picture unknowmoney236 years agounknowmoney235
real quick survey about pubic hairstarblind956 years agoGayboy9213
Annoying Ads and sound overlaysAcer6 years agoalaron2
alaron a requestoGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agodavehytmen27
Why exactly is the Tagging so horrid on Xbooru?davehytmen6 years agoalaron3
march madness? not basketballstarblind956 years agounknowmoney232
In regard to the +story tag and the long comments.alaron6 years agoalaron1
finally site imporvenment!oGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agodavehytmen41
davehytmen (locked)RacistPigReborn6 years agoalaron13
AdminRacistPigReborn6 years agounknowmoney236
Delete_Me, Not_Porn, Flag_For_deletion, ectdavehytmen6 years agounknowmoney2365
BAN RacistPigRebornoGtRaMmAsTeR4206 years agoalaron10
subscribeTeamGambit6 years agoalaron10
QuittingTeamGambit6 years agounknowmoney235
WTFTeamGambit6 years agounknowmoney233
GirlsJFK6 years agoJFK8
GayPride is my masterstarblind956 years agombausek5
are any of the other gay/ bisexuals mad about the current hate on the site?starblind956 years agodavehytmen8
starblind95 GayPride6 years agounknowmoney234
APIProger_XP6 years agounknowmoney232
what the hellJFK6 years agoN/A0
Can someone deal with this "Trolololo" Anonymous users?davehytmen6 years agombausek3
Honest Questiondavehytmen6 years agounknowmoney234
need helpgringos6 years agoN/A0