12/15/17 05:30AM
Just thought you might like to know, I got multiple warnings about malware my AV program had blocked on both the login and main user account pages (I'm using Malwarebytes Premium).
12/20/17 03:56PM
Same thing happening with Norton. It blocked me from accessing this site so I had to disable it.
12/30/17 03:39AM
It's most likely a false positive, AV programs especially shitty ones like Norton/McAffee often get it wrong and say there is malware etc when there is not.

If you think it is genuine, how about some evidence, like the link it sends you to, screenshots, what country, what time and date did it occur, you know something that can be acted upon.

Send to staff via site mail, don't post things like this on the forum, it's not what it is for

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