04/03/17 02:17AM
Default Room
04/03/17 02:20AM
Default Room
The room is 9x9x9ft. a perfect cube.

The walls, floor and ceiling are composed of white illuminated panels designed to be moved and switched out for alternative decorations at a moments notice.

05/20/17 02:47AM
break room
*sets up a table and places a teapot, cups, saucers and a tray of cookies atop it.*

*tapping the side of my hood*
"hm... ah!"

*blasts a hole through the wall, revealing a field of wildflowers beneath a clear blue sky.*

*takes a seat and pours a cup of tea.*
"much better."
05/20/17 03:24AM
*Flies over to inspect the hole and sees you* Hello! *Aims Gatling at you*
05/20/17 03:52AM
*sips from my cup*
"Hm? oh just in time, care to join me?"
05/20/17 04:05AM
I brought my own stuff, or more accurately, William did

William: [Transporting items sir]

*Junk food, Biscuits, and Chamomile tea fly into the room in cabinets* Thank you very much William

William: [You're welcome sir]
05/20/17 04:10AM
*watches as william brings in your stuff.*


"So how have you been?"
05/20/17 04:11AM

Oh fine, What about you and eggman?
05/20/17 04:19AM
*takes a cookie from the tray*
"Oh this and that."
05/20/17 04:25AM
Hm *Opens junk food cabinet* What flavour of chips do you prefer?
05/20/17 04:30AM
"I'm good, thank you though."

"So... War machine?"
05/20/17 04:31AM
What about him?
05/20/17 04:37AM
"Just surprised you'd choose to fight me with that."

"Given the fact you've deduced I'm technology-based I'd have thought you'd try to use E.M.Ps or some other 'cure-all' for beings like me, instead of using brute force."
05/20/17 04:41AM
*Has a BBQ chip* You're a techno-organic being, and William deduced that your vital organs weren't going to be affected by an E.M.P, and there isn't really a 'cure-all' for anything, just look at Twinkies or cockroaches, those thing can survive nuclear explosions!
05/20/17 04:46AM
*knocks on chest, producing a sharp hollow sound*
"Probably because I don't have any internal organs."

*shakes head*
"although I can't decide on wether that last remark is a compliment or an insult."
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