02/21/17 06:35PM
Crossdressing stories
I want to know if you have any, don't be shy and let the stories go free here, and admins don't hesitate to join in as well.
10/11/17 10:51AM
Wish I could have a whole story about this fetish. But the only thing I experienced was a recording a few cum tributes while wearing a dress. I love dresses!
10/12/17 12:24AM
A few times while home alone I've worn short shorts, panties and a crop top. I love how they feel on me.

I love masturbating while wearing them. But I don't wear them often due to the chances of being caught.
10/15/17 04:14PM
I love crossdressing, not necessarily in a sexual way, but it makes me feel more confident in my body, and makes me feel cute. Though, ngl, masturbating in my crossdress clothes is a little hotter than in my normal clothes. cx I get to feel my curves and breasts accentuated and feel all my erogenous zones on my body easier through the thinner and tighter clothes.

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